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WSA Statements: Syed Ali ’13, Nicole Updegrove ’14, and GJ ‘420

This week we put out an open call for WSA candidate statements. Thus far, we’ve received two. That’s, like, less than a fifth of the beard submissions we’ve received. (Post forthcoming, I swear.) What’s going on? It’s not too late: if you’re running for WSA, feel free to send us a candidate statement at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

Here’s what we’ve received so far, in alphabetical order. As is our policy, Wesleyan will compile the candidate statements we receive, but will not endorse any particular candidate, with the possible exception of Giant Joint, who is out and about in the Twittersphere, partying like it’s 1969, with no vicious attack ads in sight. GJ’s been lying pretty low since hir 2009 election upset, we’re optimistic about a comeback.

WSA Elekshunz!1!@!!!!

It’s that time…again. Here are the candidates who have respectfully submitted their request for your votes:

Zachary Malter ’13
Corey Guilmette ’13
Lucas San Juan ’13
Evan Weber ’13

This year’s freshmen love the WSA.  In all seriousness, they are the only ones who submitted statements.  You can vote for your candidates at www.wsa.wesleyan.edu/voting through tomorrow.  Click after the jump for candidate statements.