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Polls Open, Blurbs Here

This, my friends, is the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  I’m not even sure I mean the polls opening as much as I do the blurbs being published.  The following WSA Elections are now open:

  • 2015 Class Representative
  • At-Large Representative
  • Fall 2011 Survey

Go to http://wsa.wesleyan.edu/voting/ to vote before the end of the week.  If you don’t vote, don’t complain later.  Keep reading to see the blurbs that were submitted to Wesleying before the deadline we mentioned earlier.

Vote Marina Reza ’13 for WSA Rep


Marina Reza ’13 writes:

So I ran as a rep and lost in September, but I am incredibly determined to garner your vote…again! I want to help amend unreasonable policies with glass pockets, while upholding the WSA’s principles. Some goals: implementing communal hampers and rolling carts for laundromats/vouch for more laundry machines, work with Bon Appetit to collaborate with a food pantry to donate all leftover food (we throw SO much out—I can attest to this as a student worker), let students use art facilities without the class requirement, improve FYI classes, etc. In high school I was on Student Government—co-heading the Arts Board, was the Associate Editor for the literary magazine, Arts Editor for the school paper, Photography Editor for the yearbook, and served as a tour guide. I can balance work and play; I won’t burn out. I love Wesleyan and would love even more to stand up for you.