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Write In: Halloween Costumes

Halloween party with children wearing fancy costumes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas… this is Halloween!

While we all know that Halloween is actually just an excuse to buy a shit ton of candy to eat alone in your room and not be judged by the clerk at Wesshop/Rite Aid, some people really get into the holiday spirit with costumes!

Are you preparing for election season by mimicking your favorite (or least favorite) candidate? Channeling your inner Mean Girl with a sexy animal costume? Playing it old-school and going as a bed sheet ghost? Any Michael Roth impersonators?

Whatever you’re planning (or if you haven’t planned at all and are currently scrounging through your closet trying to find something remotely festive), we want to hear from you! Show off your creative, spooky, or just plain weird side—we want to see it all!**


**within reason; we’re not soliciting nudes here

Middletown Potluck – Halloween Bash (TODAY)

Halloween Bash (1)

This event courtesy of Ari Ebstein ’16:

Middletown Potluck is hosting a Halloween Bash with Green St. Art Center!

Sweet treats and educational halloween-inspired programming is sure to be fun for kids, students, parents, pets (don’t bring pets), pet rocks (these are ok), and most other categories of sentient beings.

Come in a COSTUME if you want!

5:00-7:00 TODAY, 51 Green St.

Candies and conversation whee!

Date: TODAY, Sunday, October 27
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place: Green St. Art Center, 51 Green St.
Cost: Come in costume!

Lunchtime with Mark and Scott: Studytime

Back by popular demand, it’s Lunchtime with Mark and Scott! Wesleyan’s most popular foodcore podcast has returned to the airwaves for a second season. Check out last season if you need to catch up. A special multi-part miniseries, follow our intrepid lunchers, Mark Popinchalk ’13 and Scott Greene ’13, as they journey through the snacking world at Wes. This week, studytime snacks! What are the best snacks for your Olin experience?  Will Mark ever find his way home? All this and more on this week’s Lunchtime!

Previous episodes here.

Lunchtime Season 2 Episode 1 by Lunchtime w/ M+S Season 2