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Weather Recap/Update: Nemo Just Keeps Swimming

You knew I was going to make a Nemo pun. At least I didn’t do it in dubstep.


Well peeps, my Floridian senses are no longer tingling; they’re just frozen solid. Oh, and here’s a comprehensive list of what the fuck is going on with the nemopocalypse/blizzardpocalypse/MONSTERBLIZZARDKANYE/#nemo:

  • The university does some email damage control after last night’s Middletown Patch debacle.
  • We keep gettingĀ shit tons of emails. And Dean Mike reminds us that, in case you didn’t know, there’s a blizzard coming.
  • Lots of dining options and on-campus events are cancelled. Half-burnt Usdan pizza at 4pm, anyone?
  • Everyone keeps ending every email with “as long as we still have power”.
  • Update on the current Usdan situation from Stephanie Ling ’16: “It’s a clusterfuck.”
  • Buzzfeed dedicates an entire blizzard post to Nemo GIFs. We all knew this was coming.
  • At least blizzard specialists of have a sense of humor; they once named a snowstorm “Gandolf”.
  • The storm is really set to pick up around 8-9pm tonight.
  • Lots of storm pixxxxx.
  • There’s a great abundance of twatting going on.

Terrible Nemo memes after the jump.

Mel & Josh & DRMS: Electric Living Room

People, get ready! Not only is there a Mel & Josh living room show planned for this weekend, but it’s gonna get electric! If your life hasn’t yet been touched with this duo’s incredible tunes, make sure to check out their bandcamp and don’t miss this show! Mel Hsu ’13 has a little something to say:

Word on the street is that Josh Smith ’11 and some of The Rooks are coming back to Wes on Saturday to play a Mel & Josh living room show with a special guest set from Bay Area band DRMS! We are incredibly excited to play songs off of our recently-released album: “Analogue.” This will be our first intimately electric show at Wes with a full band. We’ll be rocking songs from Analogue, some older favorites, and some new songs as well.

We will be joined by our good friends Jessica Best ’14, Tory Mathieson ’14, Yatta Zoker ’14, Gabe Gordon ’11, Louis Russo ’11 and Nate Mondschein ’12.