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Skip Cap & Gown at Graduation – Donate Instead


Isabella Vitti ’09 wants YOU, graduating seniors, to join her in skipping the cap and gown for more fashionable attire, and donate the money to a Middletown charity:

Everyone knows that caps and gowns are stupid looking. But not everyone knows that you are not required to wear one at commencement. I’m not going to wear one, and I’m going to give my $27 to a Middletown organization (I haven’t decided on one yet but I’m considering Green Street or the Traverse Square after-school program, which is what the seniors last year donated to) that does good work in the community. If you’re interesting in doing this as well, please send me an email to ivitti(at)wes and we can talk about what organization would be best, and we can gather all the money together.

[Update by Mad]
If you would like to donate directly to the Traverse Square after-school program, bring cash or a check to the Office of Community Service at the corner of Church and High and speak to the person at the front desk – they will get the money to the appropriate people.

Forgo the cap and gown, help T-Square

A longer, unedited version of this went out on the Woodframes listserv:

We’d like you to join us in not buying a cap and gown and instead giving that $54.50 to the Traverse Square After-school Program a.k.a. The Center. The Center is one of the only University-sponsored programs aimed at working cooperatively with Middletown’s low-income families to improve the quality of life in their communities.

We have informed Marshal of the Faculty and faculty representative for Commencement Suzanne O’Connell of our plans and she assured us that anyone who elects not to wear the cap and gown will still be allowed to walk at Commencement. We can coordinate our attire or you can do your own thing.

Contact Michael Berger ’08 (mwberger@wes), Zac Meyer ’08 (zmeyer@wes), David Harris ’08 (akdiamond@wes), or Alex Diamond ’08 (dlharris@wes) for more information.