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Cardinal Sinners Auditions

cardinal sinners

From Lauren Burke ’16:

Does your entire floor hear you singing in the shower?

Do you melt at the thought of 8 part harmony?

Do you have terrible stage fright but, like, might want to sing

Did you wake up like this?

THEN COME AUDITION FOR THE CARDINAL SINNERS, Welseyan’s oldest all-female acapella group.

The Spirited Sinners and Sinning Spirits


From Rob Roth ’14:

Why are you in the library on a Saturday night?!

Cuz its the Cardinal Sinners and The Spirits 367th biannual joint concert!

THAT’S WHY. #thisiswhy

The dirty deetz:
Olin Library Main Lobby
Saturday, November 16
7 pm

be derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Date: Saturday, November 16
Time: 7 – 7:30 PM
Place: Olin Library Main Lobby
Cost: free
Link: here

A Capella Tonight in Olin: The Cardinal Sinners & The Ford S-Chords (from Haverford)

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 12.26.26 PM

Lauren Seo ’14 writes in:

“Need a pre-fall break break from all your midterms or an excuse not to think about how awful life will be when we return??

We’ve got visitors!!! The Ford S-Chords from Haverford! And they look cute and they’ll be staying the night so come scope em out…

We also have some new group members and some new sounds so come to hear that as well!!! We’ve added a little choral to our sass and we think you’ll like it.

Come to OLIN LOBBY, THIS SATURDAY at 7PM for a quickie before you drink your sorrows/ drown them in your textbooks… Lets face it you might be in there anyway.

Date: Today, Saturday, October 12
Time: 7-8:00 p.m.
Location: Olin Lobby
Cost: Free!

Audition for the Cardinal Sinners


Lauren Seo ’14 wants you to audition with Wesleyan’s sexiest sinners:

The Cardinal Sinners are holding auditions Wednesday 6-8pm at the WestCo Cafe.

In case you missed that or can’t read things in sentence form, here is a bullet point:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 4, from 6-8pm at the WestCo Cafe

If you have any questions, please email Lauren at lseo@wes. She’s usually somewhat super duper friendly.

Cardinal Sinners Final Concert


Are you destiny’s child destined for something sinful? Lauren Burke ’16 wants to help you out.

It’s reading week(end), Wes.
And what’s better than reading watching Netflix?
Um, we are.

Your favorite ladies are back in black
And ready to sass the fuq out of everyone in the chapel,
Don’t miss the swaggiest, sexiest serenade of the semester.

Date:  Sunday May 12
Time: 5:00 pm
Place: Memorial Chapel
Cost: freeeeee

“Rabbit season!” “Duck season!” “Rabbit season!” “Cardinal Sinners audition season!”

Lauren Seo ’14 is either in SciLi right now or off to prepare for this:


Come one come all to audition for Wesleyan’s oldest a cappella group! We are looking forward to having a few new sexy soulful ladies join us this semester. We specialize in R&B, pop, and soul music, but love to sing all genres and can’t wait to sing with you this semester!

Sunday 1/27, 5-7PM in Usdan 114


Monday 1/28, 8-10PM in Usdan 136

(If none of these times work for you but you would still like to audition please contact cmead@wes and we can work something out!)

Prepare a verse and chorus of a song and come grace us with your beautiful voices! We also encourage beatboxers to come audition.



The Sinners

Dates: Today really soon, or tomorrow
Times: In like 20 minutes, or at 8 PM tomorrow
Place: Usdan 114 today, Usdan 136 tomorrow

Winter Concert by the Cardinal Sinners

Lauren Seo ’14invites you to get down holiday style:

The Cardinal Sinners want you to come share the holiday joy at our final winter concert!!! Hear new songs, rock to some old ones, and most importantly come help us wish goodbye our beautiful juniors Emily Dorsey ’14 and Rachael Plutzik ’14 who are going abroad next semester! Let us show you how we get down holiday style.

TONIGHT. 7:15pm. World Music Hall.

Date: Tonight, November 9
Time: 7:15 pm
Place: World Music Hall
Cost: Free
Facebook: Link

Cardinal Sinners and the Dartmouth Brovertones in Olin

 The Dartmouth Brovertones — irreverently ruining the questionably-existent a cappella scene since time untold.

Lauren Seo ’14 invites you to swing by Olin tonight to see two awesome a capella groups:

The Cardinal Sinners and the Dartmouth Brovertones are having one magical night of a cappella and we want YOU to come and share in on the beauty! This Saturday, December 1st at 8pm. Olin Library. Be there. Facebook event.

Come! After all, not every a capella group covers KIDS, and rarely with such flair:

Audition for the Cardinal Sinners

LA princess/diva/Sign House resident Lauren Seo ’14 invites you sing Beyoncé songs and sometimes dress in black:

Come audition for the Cardinal Sinners, Wesleyan’s oldest all-female a cappella group!! We like to sing sassy soulful music and you should come sing with us!!!!

Prepare a hot song and bring your hot body! Wahoooooo we’re so excited to meet you!!!!


  • Tuesday Sept 4,  8-10 pm in Daniel Family Commons (3rd floor of Usdan)
  • Wednesday Sept 5, 8-10 pm in Usdan 110