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Coddinal Sinnuz Final Concert: Gettin’ Freaky

Wesleyan’s own Cardinal Sinners are looking to bring back America’s traditional values after a year lost in the wild excesses of youth:

It’s our last concert of the year and for some of us, our last Sinners concert ever. Come out this Sunday and help us make it special! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT. It will be beautiful. It will be sexy. It will be sinful.
Tess Minter ’12
Ala Faller ’12
Joyous Bey ’12
Sonya Freeman ’12
Lizzie Greenwald ’12

Rachael Plutzik ’14, Emily Dorsey ’14, Lauren Seo ’14 ,Kate Gilpin ’15 , JJ Mitchell ’15Hana Elion ’15Elena Rein ’13Tanaya Srini ’15Caroline Mead ’15

So come get down with us before finals make ya crazy and enjoy a really great time!

Date & Time: Today, 5:45 PM
Place: The World Music Hala Faller ’12
A More Recent Picture: On Facebook

IN 45 MINUTES: Sinners At Dinner! or One Night Food Affair

Piss drunk and looking for trouble, I logged on to facebook, looking for an Internet fight. When I made it clear to Ala Faller ’12 that this was my territory and she could pry my keyboard from my cold dead hands, she linked me to a page with the words below:

Desperate for good food, music, and an all expenses paid trip to Italy? Willing to settle for 2 of 3? Then come to Psi U this Wednesday for our 2nd DINNER AND A SHOW of the semester! Featuring the beautiful vocal stylings of Wesleyan’s own Cardinal Sinners, the music aspect is sure to provide the perfect early Wednesday evening entertainment. The Chique Chaque eating service (running since 1836) provides a great alternative to the monotonous Weswings specials and endless Summerfields burritos that have come to define your boring Wesleyan eating experience. Best part? Only 10 points!
You cant miss this event.
No excuses will be accepted.

Date: Today, April Today
Time: 7 PM
Place: Chique Chaque (remember last time?)
Cost: it feels weird actually typing something here 10 points
Phasebook: Set to stun
Look What I Found: On the Internet

Spirits/Sinners Haunt Olin Tomorrow

Listen, AJ “Big Bird” Hinds ’12, I don’t even know why you’re sending emails to me. Everybody knows that almost EVERY-FRIGGIN’-BODY shows up to Spirits shows when they happen. And it usually gets buzz in the best, traditional way possible: word of mouth. You know what? Word of mouth is great. Word of mouth is old school. If you get 100+ people to your performance due to word of mouth, guess what? You just got so much street cred, Winnie the Pooh is gonna have the honey-gasm of his life.

But here you are. Sending me an email to promote the Spirits/Sinners show on Wesleying. And, oh, look, you even attached a stupid picture with a guy who looks like Botoxed-Lebowski. You know what you just did? You brought down the cred man, you brought it down bad. I hope Garth Taylor ’12 shows up, because somebody’s gotta clean up the mess you just made.

“For the past four years, the Wesleyan Spirits and the Cardinal Sinners have been content singing on their own, never even considering that there could be something more. But fear not, friends! We have learned the error of our ways, and wish to invite you all to a musical miracle, a sing-song spectacular, an [insert obnoxious alliteration here]!

Where: Olin Lobby
When: Saturday 11/12, 8:00-8:45pm

Come enjoy some music, without all the clutter of those damned instruments, and then head off into the night to party–or whatever you kids do nowadays…”

Read on to see the original email.

A Cappella Benefit Concert for Pakistan

Remedy your Sunday evening lassitude by supporting a fantastic cause and listening to some wonderful a capella from Wes’ most talented groups.

  • Date: Sunday November 21st
  • Time: 7-8 PM
  • Place: Crowell Concert Hall

The following comes from Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative Coordinator Jeff Breau ’11:

Saturday is the last chance to buy tickets!

A Cappella Benefit Concert for Pakistan, with performances from:

  • The Spirits
  • Quasimodal
  • Cardinal Sinners
  • Mixolydians
  • Vocal Debauchery

$4 Tickets at Box Office, all proceeds go to Pakistan Flood Victims!

Box Office open from 10-4:30 Friday and Saturday!

Your contributions will support the relief efforts of Oxfam, Islamic Relief, and the Red Cross in Pakistan.

Cardinal Sinners Spring Concert @ World Music Hall

Cardinal Sinners Spring Concert Sunday afternoon:

Time to get off wesbreasts and get some AuRal action…as the lovely ladies of cardinal sinners break it down for the final concert of your DREAMS

(if your dreams include eleven pretty young things belting michael jackson… which obviously they do)

don’t miss Emily Evnen ’10 and Breen McDonald‘s (also ’10 duh) FINAL CONCERT EVER!

oh hey. its also Sophie Ackoff ’11‘s birthday. could there be cake?!?

Date: Sunday, May 9
Time: 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Place: World Music Hall
Cost: FREE

Auditions, Auditions, Auditions! New Group, Mixolydians, Cardinal Sinners, Desperate Measures, Gag Reflex, Onomatopoeia, Second Stage, Vocal Debauchery

vocal-debauchery1The Wesleying in-box has been inundated with audition submissions. So get your comedic skills, singing voice and other talents ready and go audition!


New Group Co-ed A Cappella is holding auditions Wednesday from 4:30-6:30 in Usdan 108. All are welcome. Come with a song ready to sing and a smile on your face!


The Mixolydians are looking for singers! They sing an eclectic selection of music: classic and contemporary choral work, madrigals, pieces from all over the world… anything we can lay our hands on! Auditions will be held Wednesday (9/9) and Thursday (9/10) from 4:30-6:00 in the basement of Memorial Chapel. Come with a 1-2 minute short piece/ excerpt! All voice parts welcome :) Also check them out at http://themixolydians.blogspot.com!

desperate-measures-facts-of-lifeDesperate Measures, Wesleyan’s only short form improv comedy troupe, wants you! Auditions will be held in the Fayerweather Rehearsal Studio on Wednesday 9/9 and Thursday 9/10, 8 pm – 10 pm. Come for the whole two hours. No experience necessary.

Want to join the Cardinal Sinners? Auditions will be held on Wednesday (9/9) and Thursday (9/10) from 8-10pm in the game room in the basement of Usdan. Prepare a verse and a chorus of one of your favorite songs.

Second Stage is seeking an upright bassist/bass guitar and a drummer for its production of, “Being Joel,” a one-man cabaret show conceived by Ross Shenker ’11. They already have a pianist, Dan Kieval ’11, and are looking for two more musicians to round out the band. People who read music but also have a good ear for chords, beats, and bass lines are encouraged to reply. The show performs September 24, 25, and 26 in The ’92 Theater, and will rehearse for the two weeks prior to opening night. E-mail rshenker@wesleyan.edu, etrammell@wesleyan.edu, rcorby@wesleyan.edu, or dkieval@wesleyan.edu for more information.

gag-reflexMary Lauran Hall ’10 says:

Gag Reflex, Wesleyan’s oldest improv comedy group, is holding auditions! Maybe you saw us joke about Julia Child and asparagus on Saturday night, or maybe you just like making stuff up. Maybe you’re just ready to be awesome. Either way, stop by and try out! No preparation necessary, because it’s improvisation and stuff. Stop by any time during the auditions time slots, it’ll only take 15 minutes.

Gag Reflex auditions are: Friday (9/11) from 4:30-6:30, and Saturday (9/12) from 1:00-3:00 in the Fayerweather rehearsal rooms, downstairs in that building next to Usdan.

Come try out for Onomatopoiea, the all female A Cappella group! Wednesday (9/9) and Thursday (9/10) from 8-10 pm  in Usdan 104.


Vocal Debauchery auditions are Thursday (9/10) from 6-8 pm in the Music Studios. From Sarah Wolfe ’12:

Do you like acapella? Do you like comedy? Come experience the power of BOTH. COMBINED. IN AN EPIC MANNER.

This is… Vocal Debauchery (also known as VD). Follow the signs and Andy Bernard’s face.

Cardinal Sinners’ final concert

The Cardinal Sinners will sing their sweet, sweet vocal harmonies at their final concert. Come and listen!

Date: Tonight, May 12
Time: 8:00 PM
Place: PAC 001 World Music Hall

[Via Sophie Ackoff ’11.]

Cardinal Sinners in Olin Lobby

Wesleyan’s oldest all-female A Capella group the Cardinal Sinners and Brown’s all-male Bear Necessities are having a concert this evening in Olin Lobby at 6.30 pm.

Date: Thursday, March 26
Time: 6:30 pm
Place: Olin Lobby

Sing, Dance, Act!

Katie DaCruz ’11 has a message for all dancers and choreographers:

Terpsichore is a student run dance company dedicated to creating a production every semester in which all members of Wesleyan can choreograph and perform. No matter what kind of dance experience you have or what style you like, there will be a piece in our show for you. For more the more technical dancers, there is also Terp Core, which is a permanent group of dancers who organize the show, provide choreographic advice, and choreograph a dance to conclude the performance with a bang. Anyone interested in Choreographing should email rahunt@wes for a choreographer application and return it by this Friday, January 30 at midnight. Prepare a short phrase or activity to audition dancers with. All styles of dance are welcome!
: Sunday, February 1, 2:00pm – 4:00pm
: Usdan Fayerweather Dance Studio

If you are interested in fusing styles, then Jessica Ong ’10 thinks you should know this:

FUSION Dance Crew is a hip-hop dance group, focusing mostly on street, break, urban, and contemporary dance. FUSION focuses on sharing, connecting, and uniting many different cultures together through dance, and contributing this perspective through shows and concerts to the Wesleyan community.
When: 31st January Saturday, 3-4pm
Where: 156 High Dance Studio (Above Weswings, use side stairs)

Dan O’Sullivan ’11 is looking for some quick actors with gusto:

I’m holding auditions for a staged reading of a play I wrote. It’s called Old Woman, Child, and it’s an hysterical melodrama about an old woman with troubles. I need at least six actors. The reading is on Thursday, February 5, so this will need to be assembled quickly and with gusto. Anyone possessing quickness and gusto is strongly encouraged to audition. No preparation necessary. E-mail me (dosullivan@wes) if you have questions.
When: Sunday, 2/1, 5-7 pm
Where: Nicolson lounge

And if you didn’t get time to audition for Black Friday, Ross Shenker ’11, loves you anyway:

We are still seeking 1-2 men to fill out the principle roles in the cast of Black Friday. E-mail rshenker@wes if you are interested. No audition necessary, the role is yours upon request. Some singing experience preferred but not essential.

…and certainly not least, the Cardinal Sinners are holding auditions this weekend as well:

When: Saturday, the 31st, 1-3 and Sunday, the 1st, 3-5
Where: Downstairs in the music studio

Cardinal Sinners auditions this week

On behalf of the Cardinal Sinners, Mairead Maguire ’10 writes:

Cardinal Sinners (all-female a cappella) are holding auditions this week! Have a song prepared; beatboxing skills a plus, but not required.

Date: Monday, Feb. 4
Time: 5:00 – 6:00 PM
Location: Usdan MPR (in the basement)

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 5
Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM
Location: Usdan MPR

EDIT: Oops. I have committed the sin of double-posting.