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Drugs at the New York Times: A Reporter’s Challenge


What’s a young reporter to do when he’s assigned to investigate a newspaper drug scene after a series of overdoses? Try to blend in. astag_rocky realized recently that it’s harder than one might think.

Late last month, 10 New York Times writers were hospitalized for drug overdoses, and a few days later, five employees were arrested on drug-related charges.

As I’ve passed the New York Times building several times in a cab, and have known several people who have written for the Times, my editors decided I should go up to New York, New York to see what I could find out about the drug scene. Since I have an I.D. that says I’m 24, and can grow a beard long enough to plausibly pass for a current Times writer, my editors realized I was the perfect person to gauge reactions from various Times employees and random people passing by on the street.

A Cappella Crime of the Day: “Call Me Maybe”

Is nothing sacred? Over at NESCAC neighbors Trinity, the Trinity College Quirks have put their own spin on “Call Me Maybe,” the Carly Rae Jepsen song-turned-meme that infiltrated your skull matter all summer long. This may well be the biggest pop culture breakthrough since 50 Shades of Grey popped up on a Brown Sociology syllabus.

Shout-out toInTheCac for the tip—and for spreading the news that Billy Madison co-star Bradley Whitford ’81 recently joined Wesleyan’s Board of Trustees.