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Caspian (Post-)Rocks the Chapel

For a Wednesday night, there was, according to the lead singer, “nothing he would rather be doing.” For the most part it seemed like everyone agreed. The attendance was undeservedly poor, considering the quality of Caspian’s instrumental, vocal-less post rock, but their mellow/dramatic style was a much-welcomed change from the typical indie-pop.

The crowd, such as it was, made it to the front for some tame dancing and head-bobbing in tune to an Almonds-and-Elephants-style finale involving a group effort on the drums, an all around good ending to a too-short performance. House Settling was a fine opener (they played second after Sleep Well, whom I missed), enthusiastic but overly loud and with incoherent vocals. The instrumentation was unremarkable but pleasant, and served as good warm up.

If you want to check out Caspian, click here.