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Middletown Hear More See More Exhibition

From Middletown Patch goddess Cassandra Day:

Photographic scenes of Middletown by experienced and up-and-coming local artists are featured in the “Hear More, See More” exhibition, which accompanies Wesleyan University’s Middletown Remix “Hear More, See More” festival on May 11 from 2-5 p.m.

The free opening reception is May 10 from 6 to 9 p.m. at MAC 650 Gallery, 650 Main Street, Middletown.

The show, originally called “Angles of Middletown,” is curated by Carolyn Reeves, president of the MAC 650 Artist Coop, as part of the North End Gallery Walk. The photographic tribute to Middletown features images from novices to professionals, and shows a variety of shots of the city.

Middletown Patch Seeks Student Contributors

Our friend Cassandra Day over at Middletown Patch is seeking WesKids to aid in her mission of covering everything that ever happens in Middletown ever:

Middletown Patch welcomes story ideas, news tips and updates from Wesleyan student activities on campus. We’d like to incorporate more of what’s happening at Wes on our site. There are several ways to share interesting and quirky goings-on with Middletown Patch readers.

First, sign up as a Middletown Patch user.

You can blog. Already we have the super-prolific WesStuffed ladies posting about all things edible around Middletown and the Center for the Arts blogging. Here’s how.

Post events happening on campus that are open to the public. Here’s how.