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Lost Kitty on Vine

Monica Tinyo ’13 wants your help:

Hi everyone, please help us bring our cat back home, she lives on Vine Street between Knolls and Cross. She is female black with a white smile on her belly and bright yellow/amber eyes. She is very playful and curious so don’t be afraid to go up and pet/grab her.

If you have information please connect me at mtinyo(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Deadline: As soon as you spot her.
Contact: mtinyo(at)wesleyan(dot)edu
Cost: “Name your price.”

Photos: Signs of Life In A Post-Snowpocalyptic Wesleyan

In this new, post-Snowpocalyptic world, man must battle machine for dominance. 

butterfields 1

When I shoved open the door to Butterfields B this morning, dressed in layers for all levels of chilly tempest (protip: Under Armor, then shirt, then hoodie, then coat), the only path to get out of the labyrinth was manmade — boot imprints probably left over from last night’s late-night partygoers.  That was approximately 10 a.m.  By the time I returned half an hour later, the CATs had carved out a path to the doors of my building but were still working on A and C.  At least the wind wasn’t as awful as it got last night.  No amount of Wesleyan hoodie will protect your face from snow that does not simply blow in one direction, but whips around and aims specifically at faces— like predator drones.

Despite the scary ubiquity of the snow, I was not the only person attempting to cross this hellscape.  Also attempting to leave were a group of sophomores from Butt A — one of whom was not actually wearing shoes.  I walked with the group through the semi-plowed paths and crossed Lawn Avenue, which, at the time, had seen exactly 0 clearing action.  These are streets, that cars are ostensibly supposed to be able to drive on— well, not at the moment.  The snow was about four feet high, and completely covered from High Street up.  So we waded across.

Going to Church Street, which was completely driveable, we all had to avoid the CAT clearing the student paths.  Don’t think about using stairs any time soon — they’re all submerged.  The way to Usdan was pretty easy from there out, as the plows had pretty much made a neat-enough path along College Row.  What’s amazing is seeing how Allbritton, PAC, and South College are impossible to get through, because the snow is just drowning them.  I was a little worried that some of these glass doors would break under the pressure.

More of my adventures, and two entire galleries of photographs, after the jump.

Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Cats… Lots of Them

Shout out to waynesworld for making this sick-ass cover photo.

Yes, readers, I know what you are thinking: “Hermes, you crazy bitch, there was already a post about cats from last year’s Procrastination Destination and you peeps at Wesleying had a post earlier today about cats. Fuck this. Cats are a societal construct anyway.”

Oh, but I’ve gone above and beyond, for I bring you MANY websites featuring MANY cats in today’s DOUBLE FEATURE about CATS. I told my kitten-/cat-obsessed friend at Northwestern that our blog was doing a double feature on cat websites and all she could say was, “You lucky sons of bitches.”

Read after the jump to see all of the adorable cat-ness (cat-ness, Katniss, GET IT?).

WESU Homecoming Weekend Open House

From Adam Wechsler ’13:

WESU will be holding an open house on Friday, October 19, for interested students, parents and alums. Drop by, see our studio, and enjoy treats from NoRa Cupcakes!

Date: Friday, October 19
Time: 11am-2pm
Place: WESU (45 Broad Street, 2nd floor)

Survey on Wesleyan-Middletown Relations

So, when Sofia Warren ’13 sent it in this post-request, she requested the post title: “WE LIVE IN A TOWN!” I have a particular aversion to all-caps sentences, so I decided not to go with it. However, Ms. Warren, I do understand the need to spice up this post, so here’s a picture of a cat next to the details:

How do you interact with Middletown? MIDWES is the WSA subcommittee of Middletown Relations, and we really really want to hear from you.

Help us improve Middletown/Wesleyan relations! Fill out this one-minute survey, and then give yourself a hearty self-five. You rock.

Click here to take survey.

Rock on, Garth.