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It “Seams” the Poll’s Been Fixed: Vote for Sci Li Chairs

Let's try this voting thing again...

When we posted about the new chairs in Sci Li earlier this week, you readers were quick and eager to submit your votes via text or online. So eager, in fact, that you surpassed the polling system’s submission limit of 40 votes. Congrats! But do not despair: a new polling system has been installed, which means new numbers to text and codes to enter online.

The *new* codes for each amaze-tastic model are:

Swift: 17764
Puzzle: 17765
Reno: 17766

Text these codes to the (new!) number 650-515-3033 or enter them at the (new!) link here.

It’s unclear whether the votes from the previous system will be counted towards the final results or not, so if you still want your opinion to be heard, vote today! The deadline to submit your vote is midnight on Friday, October 12th.

View a bar graph of the results here.

Sci Li Would “Chairish” Your Vote: Seating Upgrades

If you’ve ever studied in Sci Li, you’re no doubt familiar with the “club chairs” that line the perimeter of the first floor. I use this term loosely because if you search “club chairs” on Google images, you will find something far fancier and “sit-by-the-fire-worthy” than what you may have pulled too many late-nighters in. The current wood-and-navy models sport a myriad of rips, mystery stains, and seat cushions like black holes.

To the delight of many, the library is now planning to replace the old chairs and is looking for student input to decide which of three options is preferred. For the next few weeks, stop by the entrance of Sci Li and see, touch, smell, hear, and taste the three potential new models for yourself.

Click past the jump for a run-down of the pros and cons of the competing models.

Fresh & Hot: Free Olin Chairs

If you’re on campus and your lifelong fantasy involves owning a genuine, trademarked Olin main floor chair, you’re in luck. Last week the library replaced its familiar salmon-pink chairs (pictured above) with a sleeker, undamaged brown-and-grey model. It’s quite a shift for the floor’s familiar décor. The new chairs have been placed at the long tables, and the veteran pink guys have been bunched up near the Clark-side windows. Apparently they’re up for grabs, so get them while they’re hot.

In other Olin news, the library is continuing its book-weeding project, which we’ve previously reported on here. Library staff have been posting updates on their WesWeeding blog, which you can follow here.

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