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What’s New

In a much-needed change of topic from all those rankings, let’s see what we have to look forward to on campus.

Here’s an overview:

  • MoCon is gone.
  • More meal points!
  • ResLife is going to introduce Hall Councils…
  • The Allbritton Coffee Shop should finally open.
  • Moodle is replacing BlackBoard.
  • Easier access to (prescription) drugs.

UPDATED dining information from WSA Dining Committee Chair Zach Malter ’13.

For a long list you might not want to bother with, click to


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This is the new Wesleying!

It’s still a work in progress (hence the Beta sign in the corner), but the changes thus far should be immediately apparent.

Thanks to Sam DeFabbia-Kane ’11 for modifying the WordPress Sandbox theme to better fit our needs for the layout/design you see, which was created collaboratively by Wesleying contributors and is still a work in progress. More changes will be made in coming weeks to keep improving the site.

We now have a nifty events calendar, along with a box in the sidebar which will automatically list upcoming events. So no more weekend update posts, although a minimum of human effort will now allow you to know what’s going on all week.

You can also create a username which you can use to leave comments on the site. Or you can stay anonymous, your choice.

Still to come: an automatic submissions page for events and tips. And more! Maybe. You’ll see.

Unfortunately, due to some issues importing our archives from Blogger, no comments were imported from the old site. Sorry for this inconvenience, we’ll let you know when it’s fixed (it will be). In the meantime, you can access the full archives at the old Wesleying.

Thanks to everyone who donated funds last semester, this move would not have been possible without you. And of course, thank you readers, for your support and for visiting this site as often as you do.

Suggestions or comments (or compliments!) are welcome, leave them below.

Changes at Summerfields

An anonymous student writes in,

Just went to the new Summerfields. I call it new because it is actually quite different from last year and the year before.


  1. There no longer seem to be rotating meals that you can pick from. Instead they basically have a larger late-night menu. (All medium priced by Wes standards)
  2. NO SALAD BAR! The best thing about Summerfields is now no more. Instead there are a few select salads on the menu.
  3. NO ALL YOU CAN EAT DESSERT: Instead on the menu are cakes, brownies and cookies.

I gotta say pretty severe disappointment.

Changes to Wesleying

We’ve made some design changes to spice up the site a little, and to make the page a little more friendly looking. Let us know what you think!

Edit: Due to popular request, we are starting to revert back to our original layout :( I’m very sad that this change didn’t work out. I don’t see what’s so bad about purple backgrounds and unicorns! I’m of the site design philosophy that the more colors on a page, the better. Whatever. Maybe we will try again next year. :P


There is a general feeling of unrest on campus and the sense that the stasis may be ending. The paint on the tunnels wasn’t even dry before tagging started back with a vengeance. The Keep Wesleyan Weird facebook group reached nearly 700 members within 24 hours of its creation (right now it’s at 720–that’s 25% of the student body). The very next day, news came via RAs that the administration would not be continuing its work in the tunnels because off the backlash.

And no one really knows why all this is happening now. The general sentiment is “Fight for ol’ Wesleyan”, but in a time when none of the undergraduates were here for chalking’s heyday and when the past few years have been so quiet…We’ve all been such good little children.

There’s a fear that the administration has taken the bait for the prestige game, the old anxiety about “mainstreaming”, ten thousand buzzwords, etc., and while painting the Butts tunnels hasn’t woken any sort of sleeping giant, it’s set some strange gears into motion.

This is not a call to action for any righteous cause; No one is under the impression that they are starting a revolution. But the fact is that Wesleyan is not a Little Ivy, not a Little Three, not a Small Idyllic Liberal-Arts College In The Northeast. Wesleyan is Wesleyan, and as one tagger in the tunnels wrote, “There are decades under this.”

Bennet is leaving, the university is in transition. We’ve gotta get serious about this shit.