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Bush’s Exit Interview

Some clips from President George W. Bush’s final press conference yesterday, in which he cracks jokes, tries to justify his administration’s legacy, makes facile admissions of mistakes, and gets appallingly theatrical:

This is probably the last we’ll hear from this guy for awhile, savor it with the full 47-minute interview at MSNBC. Or cheer yourself up with some easy liberal snarking about the Bush legacy from Current TV.

For Seniors: Progressive Presidential Election Campaign Job Opportunities

Dove Dave Altabef ’08 writes in to tell us:

Grassroots Campaigns is running a state-of-the-art voter mobilization effort in 2008 to take back the White House, expand majorities in the Senate and Congress, and work to erase the Bush legacy. Our current clients include MoveOn.org Political Action, the ACLU and the National Democratic Party.

We are hiring graduating seniors with leadership experience for paid election campaign positions nationwide. Not a Senior? Summer jobs available across the country.

We are looking for passionate, dedicated, responsible people who are willing to work hard to achieve positive change. We need goal-oriented, results-driven candidates with leadership ability, good communication skills, and a strong commitment to social change. Candidates need to be strategic, team players, able to work with and motivate a wide range of people, and able to tell a compelling story. Prior political field work is not a requirement; we provide apprenticeship and experience to strong entry-level candidates who are looking for a way to start making a difference through grassroots politics. However, relevant experience is an asset and may qualify applicants for additional leadership responsibility.

People can apply by calling Chris Brandt at 518-312-7758 or send resumes to cbrandt@grassrootscampaigns.com

More Info: