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From Jared Fineberg ’17:

In need of a menorah, candles, chocolate gelt, and/or dreidels to properly celebrate Chanukah at Wes? Rabbi Levi will arrange to have all of these things delivered to you for FREE! Just fill out the linked form (your mother will be so proud), and keep your eyes out for more Chanukah events in the coming days.

Link to Form


Make Your Own Menorah

menurkey hero2 IIHIH

From Rebecca Koppel ’14:

Getting excited for Chanukah? Unprepared because it comes so early this year? Still looking for a gift for your mother? Stop by the Wesleyan Jewish Community’s table in Usdan to make your own menorah! Spend 2 minutes or 2 hours and walk away with your own (FREE) candleholder in time for the holiday. We’ll bring the materials and you bring the creativity. All are welcome (even the uncreative).

Date: Monday, November 25
Time: 12 PM – 2 PM
Place: Usdan
Cost: FREE!

Buru Style Serves Up “Funktastic Holiday Treat”

“It’s the kind of good time you can have with friends at 2 am, with the neighborhood kids the next afternoon, and with the whole fam around the fire on that special December night of your choice.”

Last year we posted about a collection of “wild (dare we say ‘zany’?) reinterpretations of classic holiday music from several faiths,” from campus reggae/funk faves Buru Style. This year, drum teacher/grad student/all-around percussion wiz Bill Carbone writes in to remind you of the omnidenominational holiday treat and let you know it’s available on iTunes, eMusic, and burustyle.bandcamp.com—actually in time for the holidays this time. It’s been a year since I first heard this EP, but these takes on “Jingle Bells” and “Hannukah, Oh Hannukah” don’t sound any more sane.

The album features Jake Schofield ’12, Andrew Fogliano ’10, Jake Gold ’10, Eric Sherman ’11, Ian Coss ’11, and Bill Carbone (grad) as well as seriously alumni MC Kabir Sen ’99. Here’s a seriously funked out “Jingle Bells,” featuring the aforementioned MC Kabir:

Amsterdam, Disneyland, Tel Aviv

Rebecca Markell ’14 writes in to help you get your Chanukah on this week. Let’s be honest. At Wesleyan, wherever you go, there’s always someone Jewish.

Like hot chocolate? Like jelly donuts? Like arts and crafts? Don’t know what GELT is but want to find out? Make your Bubbe proud! Stop by Olin from 8-10 PM today to celebrate an early Chanukah with the Wesleyan Havurah. Take a study break to eat snacks and make holiday cards to be donated.

  • Date: TODAY!
  • Time: 8-10 p.m.
  • Place: Olin Lobby

Chanukah? Hannukah? Hanuka?

Here’s some information from Rebecca Koppel ’14 on how to kick off that difficult-to-spell holiday:

Constantly perplexed as to how to spell the holiday’s name? It’s okay! Light menorahs, eat sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts) and sing your favorite Chanukah songs to kick off this holiday. Come on the first night (December first) at 8PM to Olin for some fun fun fun!

  • Date: Wednesday, December 1
  • Time: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Place: Olin Library
  • Cost: Free!

Chanukkah 2009 at Wesleyan!

Please join the Wesleyan Jewish Community for nightly candle lighting this Chanukkah. Every night, we will celebrate the holiday with special snacks and other fun activities. The holiday begins Friday, December 11th, with candle lighting in the Bayit at 6PM. The schedule for the rest of the holiday is as follows:

Saturday 12/12: Zelnick Pavilion at 5PM
Sunday 12/13: Olin Library Lobby at 7PM
Monday 12/14: Nic Lounge at 7PM
Tuesday 12/15: Usdan Lobby at 7PM
Wednesday 12/16: Butt C Lounge at 7PM
Thursday 12/17: Fauver Fishbowl at 7PM
Friday 12/18: Bayit at 7PM

Date: Dec. 11 – Dec. 18
Time: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Place: Different Location Each Night

Hanukkah/Chanukah party time!

Abby Rosenstein ’09 says: “It’s time for the Hanukkah Party!!!”

Date: Saturday, Dec. 8
Time: 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Location: The Bayit (157 Church St.)

In addition to latkes, dreidels, and dancing, there will be music provided by:

  • Klezmer Ensemble
  • The Vowelettes
  • The Ebb and the Flow
  • Red Wire Black Wire

Hanukkah/Chanukah candle-lighting

Jenny Ajl ’10 wishes you a happy Hanukkah (even though I think it’s more fun to spell it with a “C”). She also writes:

This year the Wesleyan Jewish Community will be hosting communal candle-lighting in different lounges and locations throughout campus. And yes, there will be chocolate gelt and dreidels. All are invited.

Dates and locations:

  • Tuesday, Dec. 4: Olin lobby
  • Wednesday, Dec. 5: Nics lounge
  • Thursday, Dec. 6: SciLi lobby
  • Friday, Dec. 7: Bayit
  • Saturday, Dec. 8: Usdan, ground floor
  • Sunday, Dec. 9: Butt C lounge
  • Monday, Dec. 10: Bayit
  • Tuesday, Dec. 11: WestCo lounge

All lightings will take place at 7:30 PM, except for Friday’s, which will occur at 5:00 PM. For more information, see the Facebook event listing, provided by Emily Hoffman ’10.