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Submit Your Work!: Art Exhibit for World AIDS Day

What’s up, folks? I hope you’re all nice and cozy with your respective homework assignments on this rainy, rainy night, ‘cuz it’s been bitchin’ cold out. Anyway, boss-lady Sara Bonilla ’12 writes in to tell you ’bout this cool thing that’s happenin’, which also happens to be a cool chance to get your work out there for a good good cause:

Art Exhibit for World AIDS Day

To promote support for, and awareness of, World AIDS Day, we of AIDS and Sexual Health Awareness (ASHA) are designing an art exhibit centered around campus input.

Size can be up to 2′ either dimension.
Any medium.
Whatever moves you!

We will be collecting submissions from now until November 22 and the exhibit will be displayed December 1-10 in the Usdan glass case next to the administrative offices.


When you have work you’re ready to submit, or any questions, please email sbonilla(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

5K for Brighter Dawns

Brighter Dawns and Interfaith Justice League invite you to run or walk in the 5K for Brighter Dawns! The run will start at Long Lane Farm (go past the athletic center, hang a left and go down the last driveway on the right). The 5K will begin at 11am sharp, but be sure to show up at 10:30 to register!

All proceeds will support Brighter Dawns in its mission to provide clean water and improved sanitation for a slum in Khalishpur, Khulna, Bangladesh.
Remember to stop by Allbritton 311 after the run for a free brunch hosted by Interfaith Justice League!

Date:   April 16
Time:   10:30 AM – Noon
Place:  Long Lane Farm (corner of Long Lane and Wadsworth St.)
Cost:   $10

Brighter Dawns Fundraiser

Looking for a healthy snack after a weekend full of sugary indulgences? Lucky for you, Brighter Dawns, a new student group and non-profit organization, has created a nutritious and delicious snack!

Our snack packs contain a trail mix of Trader Joe’s frosted mini-wheat cereal, Lindt 70% dark chocolate squares, roasted almonds, orange-flavored cranberries and more! We are selling them to raise funds for our first project, which aims to improve the water quality in the slums of Bangladesh.

Brighter Dawns is entirely initiated and run by Wesleyan students, with an overarching goal to improve the health and well-being of the residents of Khalishpur, Khulna. So be sure to come chat with us about the water crisis in Bangladesh while you curb your hunger with our snack packs!

I can’t wait! When and where?

Date: Tuesday, Nov 2
Time: 7.00pm – 2.00am
Place: Olin lobby and outside Sci-Li
Cost: $2 for a snack pack; bring cash! (But more donations are encouraged and welcome!)

Sports for Hope

Sports for Hope, a Legunn brothers' charity.From Jeffrey Legunn ’13:

Sports for Hope is a non-profit organization seeking to provide underprivileged children with the opportunity to become involved in sports. Our mission is to collect sporting goods through donations, and to transfer what we collect to a charity that will distribute it to children who can not afford to purchase sporting equipment of their own.

Through teaching discipline and healthy habits, involvement in sports helps children keep busy, stay focused, and achieve better grades in school. If you have extra and unused sporting equipment at home, this is a great opportunity for you to clean out and donate to a meaningful cause! Furthermore, donors will be eligible to receive a tax deduction.

Interested donors can email us at legunn99(at)gmail(d0t)com. We will collect all donations at prearranged times and locations (we will come to you). Primarily, we will be searching for donations within or near Westchester County, New York. For those who live in states other than New York, or outside of Westchester County, please contact us to see if we can arrange to pick up your donation. We will accept donations via shipping. Contact us for more information about shipping donations.

Sports for Hope offers a convenient way to give to a great cause! We hope to hear from you soon!

For more information, please visit our site: http://sportsforhope.webs.com/

Also, you can join our facebook group here.

Food Drive PARTY

Here is a great opportunity to have fun and give to charity at the same time!:

For the benefit of the Amazing Grace Food Pantry and to bring together those who support the cause, the Office of Community Service invites you to a Food Drive Party! Music courtesy of Electric Wolf! There will be a prize for the most electrifying person in the party. So get up, bring a can of food or a box of pasta and party for a cause!

Date: Feb. 26 – Feb. 27
Time: 10:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Place: Lighthouse (230 Washington St.)

Garnet & Gold 5K run for charity

Garnet & Gold 5K charity runPsi U will be hosting the second annual Garnet & Gold Charity Run this Saturday. Registration costs $10 and can be done at Usdan during lunch and dinner this week, or beginning at 9:30 AM on the day of the event. All proceeds will be donated to the Eddy Shelter, an emergency homeless shelter here in Middletown.

Date: Saturday, April 11
Time: 11:00 AM
Place: Veterans Memorial Park (map)
Cost: $10

Forgo the cap and gown, help T-Square

A longer, unedited version of this went out on the Woodframes listserv:

We’d like you to join us in not buying a cap and gown and instead giving that $54.50 to the Traverse Square After-school Program a.k.a. The Center. The Center is one of the only University-sponsored programs aimed at working cooperatively with Middletown’s low-income families to improve the quality of life in their communities.

We have informed Marshal of the Faculty and faculty representative for Commencement Suzanne O’Connell of our plans and she assured us that anyone who elects not to wear the cap and gown will still be allowed to walk at Commencement. We can coordinate our attire or you can do your own thing.

Contact Michael Berger ’08 (mwberger@wes), Zac Meyer ’08 (zmeyer@wes), David Harris ’08 (akdiamond@wes), or Alex Diamond ’08 (dlharris@wes) for more information.

1st Annual Garnet and Gold Charity Run

Come participate in the 1st Annual Garnet and Gold Charity Run!

When: Saturday, April 12, 2008, 9:30 – 10:45a.m. Registration, 11:00 a.m. Start
What: Charity Run!
Where: Veterans Memorial Park, Middletown, CT (Less than one mile from campus)
How: 10 dollar early registration, 15 the day of. Proceeds will be going to the Eddy Shelter in Middletown, CT
Link (Psi U Xi)

Donate prom dresses for those without them

Annalee Pratt ’08 is organizing another Prom Dress Drive:

I’ll be collecting lightly used prom dresses until Thursday, March 27 for the Princess and the Prom Project in Hartford, that will then give them to high school students from surrounding areas that can’t buy them on their own. Contact apratt@wes if you have stuff to donate.

  • Dresses must be from 2002 to present
  • Dresses must be dry-cleaned and on hangers
  • Dresses must be prom dresses, formal gowns, or fancy party dresses
  • Accessories must be stylish, clean, and in excellent condition

The following are a no-go:

  • Garments that are out of style (pre-2002)
  • Garments that have not been dry cleaned
  • Shoes
  • Makeup
  • Casual or semi-formal clothing
  • Wedding dresses
  • Tuxedos or men’s clothes

This Christmas, give a gift with meaning!

Disgusted by the rampant consumerism of the holiday season? Don’t buy into the story that Jesus lavished PS3s and iPods on his disciples? Want to, maybe, do something good for humanity in general? Well, hey, me too!
This year, in lieu of the traditional Christmas presents, I’m taking what little money I make from my work-study jobs, and making donations to various charities in the names of family members and friends. And you can, too!

To help you find a charity that’s both reputable and responsible with your money, I recommend you do some research first. A great place to start is Charity Navigator:

Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator, works to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace by evaluating the financial health of America’s largest charities.

Oh, and for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, word on the street is that charitable donations make excellent gifts for Chanukah, Ramadan (though I think it was in September this year), Kwanzaa, and maybe even your more esoteric holidays!