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What the University Says (And Doesn’t Say) About Firing Employees


After Wesleying learned of the reasons behind Pat Tully’s firing on August 26, and subsequently posted her letter of explanation, I reached out to a number of administrators to ask for more information about the situation.

In light of the subsequent termination of another University mainstay, Ed Chiburis, Facility and Events Manager for the Memorial Chapel and ’92 Theater, I had some questions how—and why—employees are fired. According to Vice President of Student Affairs Mike Whaley, “Generally speaking, all students should know that (except in egregious situations) a progressive coaching/discipline system is in place to address any performance issues with any employee.  Only after that system has been exhausted would an employee be terminated.” He recommended me to talk with Human Resources about that system.

Director of Human Resources Julia Hicks, after receiving my questions about university policies, referred me instead to the staff handbook, as she could not comment about matters relating to individuals.

Assembled by the Human Resources department, the handbook does explain policies and procedures for administration, faculty, and employees. But it did not nearly answer my questions about how “termination,” as it calls it, is considered, pursued, and justified in a liberal arts university setting. Obviously the points gone over in this handbook aren’t going to be revelatory to any University staff, or really anyone out of college who’s held a real job. Students, however, probably don’t know such things—the handbook is pretty much all we have to understand the University’s side.

So let’s go through it and see what we can dig out and make sense of.

Wes Alumni Publish Prof. Lemert’s Anthology

Sam Han ’06 writes in:

I just wanted to let the Wesleying folks know that Daniel Chaffee ’05 and I, Sam Han, have edited The Race of Time: A Charles Lemert Reader, which has just been published by Paradigm Publishers. It is an anthology of the major writings of Wesleyan faculty member John C. Andrus Professor of Sociology Charles Lemert, one of America’s premier social theorists. We are extremely proud of this work and especially so since it is a culmination of a relationship that was nourished at Wesleyan.

Please visit the publisher’s website for more information.


Charles Lemert speaks at French House

French Hall is throwing a program tomorrow featuring a talk with Prof Charles Lemert, who will be speaking on “Durkheim’s Ghosts: Why the French think the way they do.” He’ll discuss “French sociology, sociologists, social theory, and whatever else might strike his fancy.” Given that this is Charles Lemert, it seems, in fact, fairly likely that something else will strike his fancy and he will ramble on interestingly for a while about something seemingly entirely unrelated (but he’ll tie it back together in the end.)

There will also be food! There will be a home-cooked French bistro-style meal to accompany the conversation.

If you have any questions, contact Caroline McCarthy ’10 at cmmccarthy@wes.

What: Conversation with Charles Lemert

When: Thursday, March 27th 6pm
Where: French Hall, Nic 7, bottom floor
(P.S. Don’t forget that La Maison Française also continues to host French conversation hours every Friday from 5:30 to 6:30. All levels are welcome to join!)