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Straight Outta Milwaukee: Cheenis & the Romp is “Fresh,” Preps EP

It’s hot as hell lately in these Eastern parts (our weekly poll offers scientific proof), and we can all probably use a cold, hard shot of Wisconsin. Enter Cheenis & the Romp. The rising sophomore indie-pop outfit is formed entirely of Milwaukee -> Wesleyan exiles and drew mild acclaim last winter for performances at Awesomefest, 8th Day of the Week, Bandfire, and LoRise D1, as well as on WESU’s “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass” show.

This summer, Cheenis is back in action, prepping a five-song EP and debuting a bizarre video for “Fresh,” one of its tastiest cuts, which was written in fall 2011, recorded at Greenhouse Studios (Matan Koplin-Green ’15’s house in Milwaukee) over Spring Break, and mixed at Wesleyan. If the video is any indication, the track also features lead vocals, occasional drums, and a bitchin’ guitar solo by Koplin-Green himself, but founding member Bennett Gelly ’15 (who formed the band with Jack Ladd ’15 in high school before relocating to Middletown) suggests this may be a ruse:


“Welcome to Awesomefest, where novelty-bordering-on-experimentation rules the day along with Whatever Crazy Loud Shit Howe’s Doing Now, Holy Fuck”

Saturday. 11.12.11. In which, by some divine decree, WestCo’s 8th Day of the Week and Eclectic’s Awesomefest are to take place on the same majestic Saturday, in one phantasmic explosion of sex, drugs, and chillwave. In which Wesleying’s adjunct associate Giant R. Joint Critic of Arts and Entertainment/reluctant birthday boy A-Batte sets out to witness, ponder, and document all things musical in a 12-hour span while both moshing and taking notes but not developing severe tinnitus. In which Teebs shows up, drops more Brainfeeder than Jamaica’s got mangoes, kicks bottom, and leaves. In which eleven mighty bands form for one dizzying array of talent, cacophony, and running-back-and-forth-between-two-stages. In which We Are Chants! We! Are! Chants! We! Are! Chants! We! Are! Chants! In which Wesleyan’s music scene does what it’s supposed to do.

Yeah, whatever. Scroll on for full coverage: words by A-Batte, images by Zach and Rachel Pincus ’13, and musics by You. Great job, You! Let’s do it again sometime. (This spring, mayhaps, rumor has it?)