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Join the Cheese Co-op Organizing Committee


From the Cheese Co-op:

The Cheese Co-op organizing committee is looking for new committee members! Previous experience with the co-op is not necessary, as long as you have some passion for cheese and good logistics skills.

Basically, we do cheese selection, work with local farms, coordinate cheese cutting and wrapping, and generally keep the co-op functioning and organized.

If you have any interest in joining the committee, please send us a short email (wescheesecoop[at]gmail[dot]com) telling us a little bit about yourself.  We would love to hear why you want to be on the committee and any relevant experience you may have.  Feel free to include any other campus commitments and why you love cheese!

Also, let us know if you’re available in the late afternoon/early evenings on Tuesdays.  (These are when cutting/wrapping sessions are held during the cheese delivery weeks.)

It would be best if you could get back to us by Thursday 9/5.