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Study: AOL Screen Names, When Combined With Old Photos, Produce Humorous Effect

Now you can relive your awkwardest Internet glory days on livejournal MySpace Tumblr.

Jesse R-S '13: "'My Little Needle' was a song by the Alkaline Trio, my favorite band in 5th grade. I presume it's about heroin."

Jesse R-S ’13: “‘My Little Needle’ was a song by the Alkaline Trio, my favorite band in 5th grade. I presume it’s about heroin.”

Last month, Yatta Zoker ’14 (screen name: ” tumblinhottie05″) launched a Facebook event (the all-capsed “OMG I JUST REALIZED I DON’T HAVE YOUR SCREEN NAME“), began soliciting fellow WesKids’ AOL screen names and corresponding photos, and inadvertently set off a wave of contagious AOL nostalgia (nostAOLgia?). The submissions came flooding in, and with them torrents of comments, likes, and general look-back-and-laugh hilarity. Naturally, the results are worthy of archiving on Tumblr, and Zoker has finally gotten around to putting one together: “hey, what’s your sn?” If you missed all the fun, you can still submit your own screen name to the Tumblr via this link.

“I’ve always thought of old screen names as a hilarious insight into people’s past pysches,” Zoker explained to me in an IM email. “The Facebook event was initially meant to be the start of an archival project for my Photo II class, but it didn’t fly as fine art. Smh. Regardless, it’s been a blast. Screen names are such a beautiful display of the struggle for tweens to create identity. Also, mostly, lol.”

In the meantime, we’ve compiled some of the highlights below (leaving out last names, because no one wants this crap showing up on Google). Relive your awkwardest Internet moments below, and for more AOL nostalgia, check out “your away message.”