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Chili and the Amazing Grace, this Saturday @ The Food Pantry!

Guys, I’m so tired, it took me several tries to enter my password to get on here. Actually, as long as we’re being honest with each other, I screw up my password (it’s “Francesca Moree ’14) all the time. I’m just too lazy to change it. If you also have an embarrassing and mundane story about yourself, feel free to send it to staff[mat]wesleying[mot]org to be published on Wesleying for all to see.

Uh, anyway.

Looking for a great opportunity to connect with local Middletown residents, support the Amazing Grace Food Pantry, and encourage healthy eating habits?

Well you’re in luck!

This SaturdayMarch 30 we will be hosting a cooking class at Amazing Grace from 1:15-2:15. You don’t need any experience, and even if you can’t cook, we would LOVE to have people just come by and hang out with us!

We’ll be making vegetarian chili completely from ingredients found at Amazing Grace, and at the end of the class, each Middletown resident in attendance will get to go home with a bag full of the ingredients and a copy of the recipe!

If you have any questions please email Lizzie Williams ’13 at ewilliams02&wesleyan&edu or Francesca Moree at fmoree&wesleyan&edu.

And although our chili won’t necessarily resemble this, we nonetheless request that you view this video for cooking inspiration:

Whoa. That was actually pretty damn impressive.

Date: March thirty-oneth
One fifteen to two fifteen in the afternoon
Amazing Grace Food Pantry (Click for more info and a bonus beard!)