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Occupy Tactics: Livestream/Discussion

Daniel Plafker ’15 wants you to justify your actions:

In the runup to the one year anniversary of the Occupy Movement, we will be coming together for a discussion on diversity of tactics.

The event will begin with a live-streamed viewing of the CUNY-organized debate on Violence and Legitimacy in Occupy and Beyond between journalist Chris Hedges and B. Traven, a member of the Crimethinc. Ex-Workers’ Collective, followed by our own open discussion on tactics and the legitimacy of violence and other tactics in social movements and as tools for political change.

The event will be open to the entire Middletown community including Wesleyan students, faculty, staff, and other non-university-affiliated folks.

Bring your dinner and add your voice to the dialogue.

Time: Today, 7PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 114
Face? Booked

Occupy is Occupying Wesleying. Again.

Occupy Wes:

For all the new frosh who wished they could’ve been part of all the radicalfreakinessthatwasOccupy (that is, the 1% of them not already from New York City), now’s the time to get excited. A group of students will be meeting today at 9pm in the University Organizing Center (that’s 190 High, all you youngsters) to plan a livestream viewing party/discussion for the upcoming debate between Chris Hedges and Crimethinc on “Occupy Tactics: Violence & Legitimacy in the Occupy Movement & Beyond” (planned for 9/12) as well as a trip down to NYC for the 1st anniversary of Occupy (events will be occurring from the 15th through the 17th of September).

tl;dr get your activist ass over to the UOC tonight at 9 pm.

Date: Thursday, September 6
Time: 9 pm
Place: UOC