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In Depth: Unity

If you were at the activities fair last week, you probably noticed that Wesleyan has an overwhelming amount of clubs groups to join. Because you don’t have the time (or enough room in your inbox) to sign up for everything you saw, our In-Depth Series profiles some of those student groups who may have slipped through those cracks. In this installation, I sat down with Isaac Klimasmith ’20, the leader of Unity. Unity is a space for queer Christians to meet and talk about their faith. Enjoy! 

“A Biblical Sex Scandal?: Noah, Ham, and the Curse of Canaan” Lecture Tomorrow

I found out about this lecture from a class I’m in, and you folks should totally hit it up. What better can you spend your Thursday evening than with sex and ham? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

From the Events Calendar:

Jennifer Knust is Associate Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Boston University and the author of a new book entitled: Unprotected Texts. It’s a study of what Knust calls “the Bible’s surprising contradictions on sex and desire”.

….which isn’t all that helpful of a description. But still, if you’re into that kind of thing, come by!

Sponsored by (a crapload of people!): Religion Department, Jewish & Israel Studies, Rabbi David Teva, Rev. Joan Burnett, Fr. Hal Weidner, Feminist, & Gender & Sexuality Studies.

Date:  March 1st, Thursday
Time:  7pm
Place:  Center for African American Studies (CAAS) Lounge