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Second Stage presents: The Nutcracker

Mio Magee ’18 writes in with an exciting invitation to a Second Stage dance production:

Christmas is coming early to Wesleyan! What better way to get into the holiday spirit than by seeing the most festive dance production ever? Join Clara as she visits the Land of Sweets and is greeted by Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Candy Cane, Marzipan and Ginger, along with Queen Dewdrop and her Waltzing flowers.
See our Facebook event for more details!

Performance dates and times:
Thursday, November 19th at 8:00pm
Friday, November 20th at 8:00pm
Saturday, November 21st at 3:00pm
Place: All performances are in the Patricelli ’92 Theater
Cost: Free! Get tickets from the Box Office the day of each performance.

Read on after the jump for more information about the Nutcracker production team:

Male Actors Needed for Oddfellows Production: “A Civil War Christmas”

Wesleying received a call for auditions from the Oddfellows Playhouse’s Teen Repertory Company:

Ever wanted to be in a musical rendition of the Christmas of 1864? Now’s your chance! Oddfellows Playhouse needs male actors in its production of “A Civil War Christmas,” to be performed in December. Come lend your acting and musical talent to this intergenerational cast. Rehearsals are Monday and Wednesday evenings. More information can be obtained from the director Peter Loffredo at ptloffredo(at)att(dot)net.

Buru Style Serves Up “Funktastic Holiday Treat”

“It’s the kind of good time you can have with friends at 2 am, with the neighborhood kids the next afternoon, and with the whole fam around the fire on that special December night of your choice.”

Last year we posted about a collection of “wild (dare we say ‘zany’?) reinterpretations of classic holiday music from several faiths,” from campus reggae/funk faves Buru Style. This year, drum teacher/grad student/all-around percussion wiz Bill Carbone writes in to remind you of the omnidenominational holiday treat and let you know it’s available on iTunes, eMusic, and burustyle.bandcamp.com—actually in time for the holidays this time. It’s been a year since I first heard this EP, but these takes on “Jingle Bells” and “Hannukah, Oh Hannukah” don’t sound any more sane.

The album features Jake Schofield ’12, Andrew Fogliano ’10, Jake Gold ’10, Eric Sherman ’11, Ian Coss ’11, and Bill Carbone (grad) as well as seriously alumni MC Kabir Sen ’99. Here’s a seriously funked out “Jingle Bells,” featuring the aforementioned MC Kabir:

Global Gifts – or, how to not get screwed over re: Xmas prezzies

Lizzie “Elizabeth” Williams ’13 sends in the following advert, complete with a picture of a villainous capitalist snowman looking to take over the world and all its boxes:

Still need gifts for the holiday season?

Stop by Zelnick this Friday to pick up a present and support a sustainable living for women and children in developing countries. Don’t miss this chance to find a meaningful gift for a reasonable price!

Brought to you by Impact World Micro-Market with SHOFCO and Brighter Dawns.

Date:   Friday, December 9th
Time:   11.30am-6.30pm
Place:  Zelnick Pavilion (that glass thing between the chapel and le theater)

Early Christmas

Wesleyan Christian Fellowship will be having an early Christmas celebration with food, carols and company. It will be an open mic for anyone who wants to share about “what Jesus means to you.”

Date:    Dec. 7
Time:   7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:   Usdan 108

Giant Joint Hits Deutschland?

Or, “Ich Bin Ein Deadhead”

So, turns out Wes isn’t the only place with a near-mythical interest in gigantic physical manifestations of marijuana culture (freshpersons: click and learn). This one’s technically a plant, all dressed up for the holidays and no place to go.  Huff Post reports today on a German man who decorated a six-foot tall marijuana plant in his home with traditional Christmas ornaments and planned to put presents under it. Unfortunately, our hero’s festive mellow was harshed pretty hardcore when policed discovered the fantastical case of Puff the Magic Christmas Tree and arrested him on drug possession charges:

“The marijuana plant had been put in a Christmas tree stand and decorated with a string of lights,” officers said in a statement, according to the AFP. “When asked, the hashish fan told the perplexed officers that he had intended to add more decorations to the ‘tree’ and place the presents under it, according to tradition.” Times Live reports that 150 grams of marijuana had been found in the man’s home in Koblenz before the tree was discovered.

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow. I’m not sure what my favorite of the many reader comments is, but for now I’ll call it a tie between “Brilliant and environmentally conscientious … using a renewable plant” and “See, Europe can be as stupid as America.” Merry Christmas, all.

[Huff Post]

Bob Dylan must be Santa

No mo classes!

As a Christmas heathen I’m somewhat ambivalent about this time of year, but I really want to be at Bob Dylan’s schwasted holiday house party. SENIOR COCKS WHOO:

Wes students try, fail, to steal Mtown Christmas


According to the Middletown Press, two Wes students and an accomplice have been on a local crime spree, stealing local outdoor Christmas ornaments from unsuspecting homes.

After a Cromwell resident reported a 3-foot Santa missing from his porch Thursday morning, the cops fanned out and found the suspects in their car nearby. Their trunk happened to be full of giant plastic candy canes.

The story so far:

[Names withheld for now, but click through to see them in the article] were each charged with two counts of sixth-degree larceny and were released on $1,000 bonds for Dec. 22 appearances in Middletown Superior Court.

The three — two of whom are listed in the Wesleyan University student database — have been charged with two incidents, but police say more charges are pending. Two other similar incidents are still under investigation and may be linked, police said.

Police received a 911 call early Thursday morning from an Evergreen Road resident, Capt. Roy A. Nelson said. The resident told police that a 3-foot-high Santa ornament had been stolen off his front porch. The resident could only give police “a limited description” of the thieves but said he had seen a gray vehicle with three people in it as it left the scene, Nelson said.

Officers who responded to the area — including the department’s K-9 team — fanned out looking for a vehicle that matched that description, Nelson said.

A short time later and a short distance away, Officer John Cunningham saw the suspected car on Willowbrook Road. The actions of the three men inside the car “aroused Officer Cunningham’s suspicions,” Nelson said, and the officer stopped the car.

When searching the car, he found 12 plastic candy canes and an inflatable ornament in the trunk, Nelson said. When questioned by police, the three men inside the car admitted to police that they had taken those items, Nelson said.

Were the cheap thrills worth it? As if Middletown-area residents don’t already think we’re all godless liberal Jesus-haters, these punks go and try to steal Christmas. Shame, for shame.

[Thanks to Xaq ’10 for the tip]

Middletown Press: Three men charged with stealing Christmas decorations


I know we’re all pretty much over Christmas and moving on to New Year’s and/or dealing with excruciating boredom, but this is too ridiculous and I wanted to give you time to get started for next year. Behold the ultimate DIY Christmas tree:

That’s via lifehacker. It’s a pretty good website, but I’m more into Instructables. You can pretty much figure out how to do anything using that website. Projects range from ultra-complicated to ridiculously easy to just ridiculous. There are also lots of instructables that reveal otherwise obvious truths that many of us haven’t quite gotten yet.

The best example, and one that’s relevant to the beer bottle Christmas tree project, is “How to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener.” Don’t tell me you’ve never opened a beer using your desk at school, because you have. Well, avoid the risk of ingesting shards of glass and use other objects…such as a water bottle (good to keep hydrated while imbibing, right?)