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New Wesleyan Music: Cruise Control by Anthony Edwards ft. Evan Huggins


Anthony Edwards ’10 and Evan Huggins ’10 recorded a single together called “Cruise Control” and released it on OE Records, the group that also manages Chrome Punch. Anthony is currently working on a solo LP due to release early this summer. “Cruise Control” will soon be aired on college radio stations, but OE Records was kind enough to give Wesleyan a sneak peak.  Check it out here:

New Chrome Punch Track

Chrome Punch, with Ian Johnson and Harrison Schaaf ’11, is currently working on a college tour, with anticipated shows at Brown, Yale, Clark University, and of course Wesleyan.

Check out a new track from the Chrome Punch Spring Mixtape, scheduled for release in early March:

Ian Johnson (Yea Mannn)

If you haven’t already, download the Chrome Punch FREE WINTER MIXTAPE. Also, remember to check out Chrome Punch online at myspace.com/ChromePunch or on FACEBOOK.

DJ Showcase at ADP

This Friday at Alpha Delta Phi, make your way to the Grotto and groove your body to the sweet sounds of a host of DJ’s from on and off-campus, packaged and showcased by ADP for your listening pleasure. Come to check out DJ’s to spin your next party, or just to dance your ass off.

DJ’s Spinning include:
Chrome Punch (Psi-U)
Sydlexic (ADP Blacklight Party)
Bastille (Westco Masquerave)
DJ Jemaine (Beta Rave/Beta 80’s Party)
DJDS (Newcomer to Wes)

Friday, 2/6
Time: 10:30-2
Where: ADP Grotto

Sponsored by the Adelphic Educational Fund

Rosen ’11 organizes music show at Psi U

Mike Rosen ’11 took advantage of our call for submissions over Winter Break and let us know about his efforts at setting up a show this week at Psi U. Here’s the story:

This summer, working for The Fader, it dawned on me that I liked bringing people together and helping them have a good time. So, at one of our events I introduced myself to the three artists that I had just witnessed turn a chill event into a bumping party. The first artist I approached, Wildabeast, a longhaired emcee who raps to Portishead samples and calls himself the “hood-hippie”—if there was anyone in the room who could definitely relate to a Wes student, it was Wil—introduced me to Sixth Sense and Jelani. So began my life moonlighting as a concert and event promoter. This would be the first time I would do an event by myself, or so I thought.

Rather, what I thought would be an independent project soon morphed into a truly Wesleyan story. As a transfer student, I was welcomed with open arms (in true Wes fashion) into a new community for which the school provided ample resources. My RA, for example, was the first person I talked to about my hopes of bringing these musicians to Wes, and he took a lot of time to explain everything to me about policies and procedures. Leaders of student groups were more than happy to meet with me to talk about their experiences, and ICBM allowed me to file an SBC request under their name. The SBC members then walked me through the proposal process… I was enthralled with my new environment. This was what I had come to Wesleyan for: people who were down to make things happen, and for the resources to actually follow through.

As with all Wesleyan stories, it wasn’t the institutions (the groups, group officials, etc.) but the individuals that really gave form to this project. Sure, a number of people offered help because it was their job, but they were excited, they asked me questions, and they got involved. My RA helped me get money from ResLife for the show. Everyone who found out about it seemed excited and happy for me. From the get-go, I had a core group of kids who agreed to help out as a street team of sorts, even though most of them didn’t even know the artists!

The thing is, people at Wesleyan love art, especially music. But, perhaps what we love even more is the very fact that people love art, no matter what kind of art it is. In other words, it’s the practice of taking joy in art—even if it’s not necessarily our “bag of tricks”—because we know that other people enjoy it the same way we enjoy the art forms we like. This proved itself as people began offering their help. One person offered to write an article, another to help with posters, and so on. And it was Wesleyan’s talented student-body that came to my aid when I needed an opening act.

I’m thrilled to say that the event is finally set. On Jan. 23 I will be bringing three of my favorite artists, Sixth Sense, Wildabeast, and Jelani to Psi U, with an opening set by Chrome Punch. This project has weaved its way through Wesleyan, and a lot of hands helped to form this final product… and all on their own accord in the name of art. Thank you, Wesleyan!

Blue Scholars w/ Chrome Punch at Psi U

Seattle-based hip-hop duo Blue Scholars are playing at Psi U next Thursday night, don’t miss this one:

Blue Scholars have built a hip-hop empire in the Pacific northwest. The classic formula of one DJ and one MC, their resume is well established and only growing, having opened for the likes of Kanye West, De La Soul, Hieroglyphics and Immortal Technique, and participated in the Rock the Bells hip-hop festival. The group combines socially conscious lyrics with funky, funky, funky beats.

“conscious rap’s next great hope” – pitchforkmedia.com

Tickets on sale at Usdan Wednesday, 10/29, until the day of the show, at both lunch (12-1) and dinner (6-7). Tickets are $3, and $5 at the door. You should probably buy them before you are at the door. Wesleyan students only.

Here’s the Scholars opening for Kanye at Bumbershoot in 2006:

Wesleyan’s own campus DJ’s, Chrome Punch (Harrison Schaaf and Ian Johnson ’11) are opening.

Date: Thursday, November 6th
Time: 9:30 pm
Place: Psi U

Party & Bullshit

Fresh off the release of new mixtapes with Lil Jon and Kanye, DJ Benzi is touring the US leaving a trail of stunned party-goers in his wake. Having collaborated with Sean Kingston, Cool Kids, Pitbull, Nina Sky, Donnis and Kanye, Benzi is an up-and-coming DJ recently named one of the Next 100 by Urb Magazine and has shown up in XXL Magazine, Scratch Magazine, The Rolling Stone, The Washington Post, and MTV.

Meanwhile, Wesleyan’s own too-hott-to-handle DJ duo Chrome Punch continue to bust down inhibitions and eardrums as they trek to their way to hip-hop infamy. Look for Ian J & Harrison Schaaf ’10 to kick it to the next level as they return to the friendly confines of Psi Upsilon.

Its gunna be another one of those memorable ones…Get hype!

$3 at the door
Wes ID Required
Limited Capacity

Who: DJ Benzi / Chrome Punch
What: Bangin’ Thursday dance party
Where: Psi Upsilon
When: Thursday October 30th @ 10PM $3 at the door.

Myspace Page
Official Site

Stand Up

STAND (in conjunction with the Nics) is hosting a benefit concert this weekend to help the New Sudan Education Initiative. Performers will be Chrome Punch, Half Crunk, and Wes favorite Orchestra Fiebre. Tickets are $3 this week at Usdan, $4 at the door, and $5 donation suggestion.

Date: Friday, April 4
Time: 10pm-2am
Place: 200 Church

Chrome Punch

This is what you’ve been waiting for, ain’t it? Your favorite campus DJs Harrison Schaaf, Ian J & Leif are throwing down on the dancefloor of Psi U all night long with your favorite dance jams and exclusive mixes, plus a special live set by Leif.

What: IBIZA KNIGHTS (Leif + Schaaf + Ian J) = dance party!
When: Friday, February 29, 2008 @ 10:30 pm until 2:00 am
Where: Psi U
How: Just come. It’s free!
Link (facebook event)

IMPACT! dance party from the future with Chrome Punch

Aww yea, that’s right, IMPACT (Integrity and Mobility for the Poor through Access to Capital Today) is bringing you the dance party to end all dance parties. Your favorite freshman DJs Harrison Schaaf and Ian Johnson ’11 are back to put those asses in motion.

We got even more exclusive wreckno/electro treats, bomb hip-hop so you can get your grind on and all your favorite dance party jams. Did I mention that we also gots the ill sound system that’s gonna send Westco crumbling down to the ground?

So come dance and get fucked up, get fucked up and come dance or even come dance and then go write that Econ paper you should have started two weeks ago. We don’t care, JUST COME. (Be sure to tell your friends to come too.)

Date: (This Friday night) November 16, 2007
Time: 10pm – 2am
Venue: WestCo Cafe
Tickets: $2