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2010 in Movies

Right about now, movie related things in the news will only be about two things: upcoming releases this year, and the Oscar nominations (not that there’s anything wrong with that second one). But what about all the other movies that came out last year? The ones that weren’t given an Oscar nod, not even for soundtrack, or that were totally awesome but flopped at the box office, or even the ones that were just Sylvester Stallone flexing at you for 90 minutes and daring you to take him seriously.

After all, making a movie is an intense, expensive process, and even the crappiest films can have a shot that looks awesome in a trailer. Now, if you were to take all those said shots, as well as bits from the movies that were good, and the ones no one saw, and everything else, and combined them into some sort of awesome mega-trailer…

Well, that’s why God invented YouTube.

The site has, to use the SI unit, a metric buttload of videos devoted to the movies of the past year (and years before), and because we love you so, we’ve collected the finest below. For best results, watch in full screen. Yes, all of them.

For bonus points, count how many quotes you can spot in multiple videos. For ultrasuper bonus points, count the number of shots that are repeated.

2010: The Cinescape