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Listen to Trot Fox’s “Do You Realize?” with Lead Vocals from Claire Randall ’12

December was a somber time for many in the Wesleyan community in the light of news of Claire Randall ’12‘s untimely passing due to a horrific act of gun violence. Around a week ago, Nate Mondschein ’12 posted a public status on Facebook announcing the release of Trot Fox’s cover of The Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize?” The rendition is led by Claire as lead vocalist, and is truly a poignant reminder of the talents that she shared with so many.

Back in the spring of 2016, Claire, Nate, and other members of Trot Fox Gabe Gordon ’11 and Declan O’Connell recorded the first version of the cover during a one-day session at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn. The initial recording was recorded in a single take and, according to Nate, “Claire delivered what remains one of the most honest, astonishingly powerful performances I have ever heard her give.”

The final version of the “Do You Realize” was produced after Claire’s passing, with the help of 30 of her friends and family.

Tipbox: Donations in Memory of Claire Randall ’12 and Petunia’s new EP

Claire Randall Love is accepting donations in memory of Claire Randall ’12 to her memorial service and provides information about how to donate to organizations that support causes she believed in.

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This is a sort of two-part tipbox post. First, John Ryan ’14 of Petunia sent us this email a couple days ago:

My name is John Ryan (2014 graduate), I live in Philadelphia and my newest EP as Petunia has just come out: https://petunia.bandcamp.com/album/funny-talk

I’m donating all the digital sales of the EP to https://www.clairerandalllove.com/ and Everytown for Gun Safety. Just wanted to make wesleyan people aware in case they want to listen and/or donate.
Claire Randall ’12, an incredibly talented musician and music educator, was killed in a horrific act of gun violence this past December. Her family has set up Claire Randall Love to accept donations to the family for her upcoming memorial service this spring. You can donate here. On the website, there are also links to donate in her memory to three organizations she believed in: Sanctuary for Families, Camp Surefire, and Resonant Motion. More information here.
For those of you who want to listen, this is the new EP by Petunia:
If there’s ever anything else you want to let us know about, email staff[at]wesleying[dot]org or submit an anonymous tip here.

Remembering Claire Randall ’12


The past few days have been laden with sadness for many in the greater Wesleyan community. Over the weekend, news of the passing of Claire Randall ’12 came to us and the rest of the Wesleyan community. Claire lost her life in an act of gun violence last Thursday. Rather than repost details of her death, we wanted to include a few things to remember her by.

Claire grew up in Rhode Island where she attended Mt. Hope High School. She was valedictorian of her high school class and graduated from Wesleyan with a major in Music, focusing in ethnomusicology and jazz studies. At Wes, she was a member of New Group and she starred in a mockumentary web series called WANNABES. During her time at Wes, she was also part of a 14-piece band called Mad Wow. After graduation, she joined alumni artists Jess Best [’14] and Trot Fox as a vocalist. She also worked in New York City for Resonant Motion, a nonprofit that focused on facilitating the creation of music that “has a profound capacity to inspire people towards personal growth, strength and transformation and to and educate people about issues important to their world.”

Unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of knowing Claire, but I truly wish I had. Here are a few things Claire gave to the world in her short time here:

Claire Randall’s senior recital

Insomnia = productivity; Claire Randall ’12 drops the bass:

Is your sweet tooth craving some sugar? Have you nothing to do now that your thesis is done? Want to spice up your Sunday stew?
Come on over to Crowell Concert Hall on Sunday 4/22 to get down with some hep cats who’ll be burnin’ it up on some of the hottest “hep-est” standards around. Featuring yours truly, and a whole lot of your friends! (The list of friends after the jump)

Licks. Hot licks, daddy-o. It’s gonna be a real gas. Plus it would mean a whole lot to me to see your face (and the rest of your body) there!

Reception to follow in Downey House lounge.

Date: Sunday, April 22 (EARTHDAY)
Time: 7.00-8.00pm
Place: Crowell Concert Hall