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An Organist in our Midst

It seems we have some special talent in our freshman class this year:

Ann-Marie Illsley ’10 was installed as a church organist at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Middletown on Oct. 1. A native of Bridgewater, Mass., she has studied the pipe organ for seven years, and spent the past two years as the organist at First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Bridgewater. She will play during the 10 a.m. Sunday service.

Fun with CollegeHumor

Nick Ajello ’10 submitted this photo with the tags birthday, drunk and olive oil to CollegeHumor.com.

His caption: “It was the kid’s birthday. He got pretty wasted and went into the late night dining hall and drank a half a bottle of olive oil. Then, he poured the rest on himself. Then, he took random people’s drinks and poured them on his head. He ended up falling and getting a fracture in his foot and now he’s in a cast.”

Now that’s a great night.

The night is still young!

What’s with the frosh-only events, Wesleyan? Upperclassmen want to boogie down, too. First “In The Company of Others” is ticketed, then you card at Foss Cross?? My freshman year RA told us that Wesleyan is one of the rare schools where older students make a concerted effort to come back early just for Orientation. So cut it out. At least make on-site tickets available for us geezers.

Anyways, it’s almost 1:30 AM but the night is still young. If you’re sitting in your room reading this right now, take a walk down High Street and follow the music: There are events going on all over the place for the last true Orientation hurrah before most of campus moves in tomorrow. So come down!

Wesleyan Fiddlers

Today on Foss Hill, Xue and I ran into a bunch of fiddlers. I asked them what year they were, hoping to god they were random freshmen and guess what! All except the distinguished Anna Gevalt ’09 were! But the frosh asked to be known from hence forth as oh-tenners (get it? Class of 010, not class of ’10? Got it?). They had found each other within two frikkin’ days and are already fiddlin’ on the hill.

From left to right: Emily Troll ’10, Anna Gevalt ’09, Gus Seixas ’10 and Mike Pernick ’10

What are you doing RIGHT NOW

So my boyfriend has to be at school a week early every year for cross country training and it’s funny to hear his take on the freshmen (more so since he is a junior living on a hall with many freshmen). He’s particularly unnerved about how few of them have their doors open and/or are out and about on this, the first day of their Wesleyan careers.

Anyway, the point is that there is a particular behavior from freshmen that everyone expects and is repeated year after year by each incoming class. The year before us did it, we did it, and the year after did it. So we reasonably presume ’10 is going to, too.

With that said, behaviors you will catch yourself and/or fellow frosh doing:

  • Walking around campus in large groups of people from your hall. To Mocon. To the bookstore. To get your mail. To the bathroom.
  • Listening to esoteric music very loudly on your speakers hoping someone totally awesome will notice and congratulate you on rocking the universe.
  • Same goes with playing your acoustic guitar.
  • If left without large entourage of hallmates, you will resort to talking on cellphone with parent and/or friend from home at a different college. Conversations will be loud and demonstrate in some way or another how great college is and how well you’re fitting in here in hopes other people will hear said phone call and congratulate you on rocking the universe.
  • Upon learning the names of a new person who has managed to break ranks with their halltourage and join yours, you immediately run back to your dorm room and check facebook to check the orientation of their sexual compass.
  • You begin getting very sick of your halltourage and plot ways to break into that more attractive looking table that sits next to yours at Mocon.
  • Limiting what is on your itunes playlist so you look like you have great taste in music (via Molly Hartman ’07)
  • Hall-lusting: that period of time (like two days) where you awkardly flirt with hallmate before actually committing hallcest.
  • Abandoning the major you wrote on your application for Film because you heard someone say that’s what all the cool people at Wesleyan do. (Around the end of sophomore year, you will then drop the Film major for English.)
  • Dumping girlfriends and boyfriends from home at other universities to whom you pledged your devoted fidelity because the hot chick down the hall for whom you are hall-lusting said she’s obssessed with acoustic guitar (and OMG *you* play acoustic guitar!).
  • Joining every club and auditioning for every group and actually going to the first meetings only to abandon them all by the second week of October to devote more time to your band, the Waiting Goes.
  • Already, you’ve sworn off shaving forever.
  • Same goes for showering.

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