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We Are Wesleyan

Are you Wesleyan?

Do you contemplate infinity for the fun of it? I don’t know how much of us actually do because the administration doesn’t keep stats on it, but there’s plenty they do keep.

The Class of 2014 Profile is out, detailing aspects of those admitted to the Class of 2014 on the front and those enrolled in 2010-2014 for the first year on the back.  Averaging out the Classes of 2011-2014, here’s what the Wesleyan population looks like:

Click here to view the PDF version because the site keeps unformatting the table here.

If you’re too lazy to view the document, it says that the Wesleyan student is a Caucasian female from the Mid-Atlantic who went to public school but is rich enough to pay full tuition.  She’s taken Calc, Bio, Chem, Physics, and 4 years of a foreign language.  She was in the top 10% of her high school class and scored 700 on each section of her SATs.  She is Wesleyan.  Or no, not necessarily.  There’s plenty of people who fit the description on campus, but not necessarily.  Simply skim the PDF to get a better view of the Wesleyan population.

Yo Sophomores! Declare Your Future!

As most of you know, major declaration has begun and ends March 6th. So as you contemplate your future, your friendly Peer Advisors of the SARN has compiled a few resources that can help you decide. Dean Garrett, 2011 Class Dean, will offer his advice, the CRC will have info on possible careers, and there will be a instructions on how to add a major online. Snacks will be served as you ponder whether Econ or Religion is your calling.

What: Major Declaration Workshop
When: Sunday, February 22nd 7-8 PM
Where: Usdan Multi-purpose Room (Basement)