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Ecofeminism, Eco-Grief, and Climate Justice: A Conversation With Heidi Hutner

ecoJosh Nodiff ’19 writes in:

Come join Dr. Heidi Hutner, Associate Dean and Director of Sustainability Studies at Stony Brook University, in a conversation
about ecofeminism, eco-grief, and climate justice! A longtime environmental activist and writer, Dr. Hutner will be addressing the dangerous Algonquin Pipeline and Indian Point power plant, as well as nuclear issues, fracking, and climate justice at large. Dr. Hutner will also facilitate an interactive workshop in which students can discuss and further their own activism at Wesleyan, as well as collaborate to build an intercollegiate coalition for climate justice. The discussion and workshop are open to everybody on campus!

This event, which coincides with the 30-year anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, is sponsored by Fossil Fuel Divest, Veg Out, and the United Student/Labor Action Coalition.

For more info, check out the Facebook event!

Date: Monday, April 26
Time: 4:15 – 6:30 PM
Place: PAC 004

Wesleyan Fossil Fuel Divest Interest Meeting

fossil fuel divestGabby Resnick ’18 writes in:

hey hey hey!

did you go to the UOC open house and want to learn more about our group? were you curious about the sit-in we held last semester? do you know absolutely nothing about our group but are intrigued by the name?

come one, come all! wesleyan fossil fuel divest is holding our very first meeting (!!!! we’re so freaking excited !!!!) this wednesday at 9:00 in the UOC. we will be going over who we are, what we’re about and what’s in store for the semester. plus, it’ll be FUN!

we want to stress that you don’t need to come in with any knowledge about divestment or climate justice, but if you are super informed, that’s awesome too.

hope to see y’all there! xoxo

Date: Wednesday, September 16
Time: 9-10 PM
Place: University Organizing Center (UOC)

100% Renewable Energy Worldwide in 17 Years or Sooner: A Presentation


A presentation over at Middlesex Community College on how technological barriers are not what is standing in the way of a just, sustainable planet. Here how we can get there with a presentation by Stanford Professor Mark Jacobsen and Jeremy Brecher. Dan Fischer ’12 writes in with the details:

As the strongest typhoon on record kills thousands in the Philippines fossil fuel use continues to alter earth’s climate, producing ever more extreme weather.  The extraction of fuel itself is wreaking ever greater havoc, and the ongoing disaster at Fukushima warns the world about the dangers of nuclear power.  However, new studies show that there is no technical barrier to transitioning the entire planet to 100% renewable energy within a very short time frame.  (meaning energy produced by wind, sun, water, and geothermal sources) Furthermore, this transition would create more jobs than expanding the fossil-fuel system, and it would save money, too.

These facts overturn central myths that are used to undercut and derail the climate justice movement.  If we are to succeed in transitioning from a fossil-fuel dependent society these realities must become common knowledge, beginning with the movement itself.

Climate Justice workshop with Jason Slade

Jon Booth ’12 lets us know about the Climate Justice Workshop happening tomorrow:

This Wednesday at 6:30 PM Climate activist Jason Slade will be coming to Wesleyan to give a workshop about Climate Justice, Refugees and the upcoming COP15 Climate Talks.

Jason is a longtime activist, originally from South Carolina, who has been living in Iceland and Copenhagen for the last several years. He is involved in global No Borders campaigns and has just finished a national tour talking about the COP15 Mobilization for Climate Justice.

When: Wednesday, March 4th at 6:30 pm
Where: Woodhead Lounge