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Weshop Temporarily Closed; Registers are Offline

Update: it’s open now.

In case you missed it, there’s a debate brewing in the comments section of a video by Jacky Coyne ’13 about the economic benefits of Weshop versus Price Chopper. Today, it looks like you won’t have a choice. Weshop is temporarily felled by a cash register malfunction, according to a few tipsters on Twitter (“twipsters”?):

We can pull through this. Price Chopper, as Coyne notes, is 23% cheaper—but if you don’t have a car, Neon or Marco’s Deli wins the convenience factor.

Update: Weshop is back open. Breathe.

Espwesso Closed on Wed, Thurs in Honor of Flinging Springing

Jake Eichengreen ’13, with arms wide open, releases distressing news:

Hey guyzzzz

Just wondering if you could put up a post alerting the general public that we will be closed wednesday and thursday nights in honor of that most wonderous holiday of spring. We will open again on Sunday night for reading week/finals and will be open our normal schedule throughout next week

Y u deny me my drugzzz

Espwesso Cwosed until fuwther wotice

Yoyoyo this is your main man (and apparent Roth-apologist – hello there, Simon~), frostedmoose, with a message from Senor Sexy-pants Jacob Eichengreen ’13:

Espwesso will be closed until at least Thursday (maybe). We’ll know soon if we’ll actually open Thursday or if it’ll be on Sunday instead.

As a side note, a shout out to Ed Thorndike ’89 of WesWings: thanks for the picture, and the food! You’re a god among bros.