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One Hour Warning: Peace Out, Weshop

Weshop! Closing! One hour! Hustle!

Weshop, everyone’s favorite on-campus mini Nilla Wafer dealer and good-natured “specialer orderer,” is shutting the fuck down for the semester at midnight tonight. That gives you one hour to hustle over and scavenge the last vestiges of the candy bins, so put down your Judith Butler and don’t delay. Nothing makes me miss living in Clark like 11:55 Weshop sprints.

The only remaining ice cream available is something called Dairy Free “Peanut Butter Zig Zag,” so make of that what you will. Here is the basic state of the union in Weshop. I challenge you to bleed this place dry by closing time tonight.

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Late Night, Whey Station, Ride Canceled

As the first snowpocalypse of the year continues:

  • The Ride is NOT operating.
  • Late Night is CLOSED.
  • The Whey Station says “Not looking good for tonight. Parking ban in middletown already. Spoke to the police and were told we are not allowed out with the ban. We will post a definite yes or no later.”
Whey Station and Late Night closed? FREAK OUT TIME.