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Clothing Swap

From the ever-smiling Jenessa Duncombe ’14:

Would you give someone the shirt off of your back? Do you not like that shirt very much anyway? Do you like to undress?
Bring your clothes, your friends, and your friends’ clothes to the clothing swap tomorrow to mix and match. This is FREE and all extra clothing will be donated to Goodwill.

Saturday, May 10
Time: 3-5 P.M.
Place: Exley Lobby


Clothing Swap

Remember that time over the summer you spilled [insert alcoholic drink here] all over your favorite [dress/jeans/nongendered clothing item]? Now’s the chance to get rid of it and start the cycle all over again! Sydney Lewis ’14 has the deets:

Bring a little, take a little – no money required! Come to the Bayit
backyard on Saturday with those old clothes that you’ve been trying to
get rid of, and you’re free to claim as much “new” stuff as you want.
All clothes that go unclaimed will be donated to the Macdonough School
Family Resource Center.

Date: Tomorrow, 9/29
Time: 3-5pm
Location: The Bayit (1-5-7 Church)

200 Church Clothing Swap

Remember that party you went to? The one where you saw that girl in that overwhelmingly sparkly dress-tube-thing? Or that boring riveting lecture on fruit flies where you saw that guy in the cool band t-shirt? As the weather gets warmer, it’s been really tough to go sit on the hill where everyone is dressed more ironically more interestingly than you. Fortunately, Reese Sy ’13  is a problem solver, and has given you the opportunity to steal everyone else’s clothes:

Need to spring clean? Don’t want to pack up all your old clothes? Tired of your old wardrobe? Want to mix it up? Come to the 200 Church Street Clothing Swap!

Date: Saturday, May 5th
Time: 1 pm – 4 pm
Place: 200 Church
Cost: Swap is a 1:1 ratio. Also, clothes must be cleaned (we want to wear you, not smell you)

What’s more, unclaimed clothes (aka sweater vests) will be donated to Middletown Goodwill.

Fashion Show 2012: Armageddon

Good evening folks! Ericia Byer ’13 writes in, indicating that a meteor is coming just this way and it’s up to Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, and Steve Fucking Buscemi to save the day:

Don’t miss Wesleyan students showing off their personal designs and
strutting their stuff down the runway at the annual Wesfest Fashion

Date: April 12th
9 p.m. – 11pm
Freeman Hockey Rink
$6 (at the Box Office)