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Waste Not! Thrift Swap

Aletta Brady '15 and Rebecca Sokol '15, rocking second-hand threads

Aletta Brady ’15 and Rebecca Sokol ‘15, rocking second-hand threads

In the spirit of reusing, recycling and promoting a diversity of fashion on campus, Waste Not! is excited to introduce the Waste Not! Thrift Swap!

The event will take place this Friday (March 1) from 2-5 p.m. in the Exley lobby. So start digging through your closets. We’re looking to collect those pants that don’t fit anymore and that funky top you never wear.

If you bring clothes to donate, you’re welcome to take back some new threads. If you’d like to donate ahead of time, there are boxes set up in Usdan and the Exley lobby, as well as in a number of residence halls and laundry rooms.

Tie Dying @ Outhouse

Outhouse (the one that’s sorta near WesWings but not quite with the crescent moon on the door because it’s called outhouse get it lol like those things you poop in?) is having a tie dye party, and you’re all invited. Bring your shirts. Bring your towels. Bring your dog! Don’t bring your bandana; those will be provided:

There will be Tie Dying at Outhouse (132 High Street) on Sunday from 1-4. People can bring their own things to dye but there will be bandanas provided.

Date: Sunday, February 26
Time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Place: Out House (132 High Street)

Clarification: if ResLife finds your tiedyed dog, they will still fine you, but may likely high-five you while doing so.

Costume Shop Sale Tomorrow

From Jessica Jordan ’13:

Tomorrow, 10/27, the Wesleyan University Costume shop will be hosting a sale of excess items on the CFA green from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. All items are $1! Come peruse what we’ve got and see if you find something to serve an awesome Halloween costume or as an addition to your hipster wardrobe.

The sale will be happening rain or shine, but if the weather looks menacing we will move the sale inside to the Lobby of the CFA Theater. Hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, 10/27
Time: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Place: CFA Green

“You’re Dressed Very Wes Today”

[wes-lee-uhn, wez-]


  1. A prestigious Northeastern American liberal arts school. See also: ACTIVISM, PRECIOUS, RAGE, HIPPIE, NAKED-DORM
  2. A follower of John Wesley. See also: METHODISM


  1. Anything with a particularly hipster, radical, eclectic, idiosyncratic, recherché and/or ironic quality. See also: KAFKAESQUE, INDIE ROCK, WILLIAMSBURG

You’ve probably witnessed the phenomenon that many Wes students experience between second semester freshman year and first semester sophomore year: a wardrobe “Wes”-ination (possibly coinciding with that nice stipend you got from your internship working for an activist New York-based newspaper?). This includes plenty of clothing that was preferably made either from finds out of your mother’s closet from the 1970s (artfully ripped/cut ironically) or bought for less than one would pay for a loaf of white bread in Minnesota from a thrift shop. (Of course, Urban Outfitters works too.) One’s closet gains plenty of skinny jeans, sweaters that looks like they were snatched right out of your grandfather’s closet, oxfords, Ray Ban-esque glasses (best when not even necessary to see properly), ripped patterned or colored stockings, collared button-up shirts, and plenty of plaid (enough to at least compete with your standard lumberjack). It is, however, more than the actual wardrobe; this Wesination involves how one wears these clothes. It involves a certain unkempt and disheveled appearance with a note of dirtiness but not in an I-slept-on-the-street-for-the-last-two-weeks sort of way. It often involves one keeping a pack of American Spirits (or the new Camel Williamsburg’s) in the front pocket of hir button-up shirt or back pocket of hir skinny jeans as well as keeping one handy behind-the-ear.

So your buddies at Wesleying, vaguely inspired by ACB threads concerning those well-dressed and Wes fashion blogs of the past, have decided to document this trend. We will be posting several people weekly whom we believe best exemplify “Wes” (note: as an adj. not a n.). Take a look at this week’s picks: