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Internet to Get Faster!

The WSA hears you: the internet’s too slow.  That’s why today, in conjunction with ITS, the WSA is happy to announce that we’ll have no more of it.  The internet is going to get faster.  Much faster.

Wipe those tears of joy from your eyes and read the official announcement from WSA COEAC Member Luke Voelk ’11 and Karren Warren of ITS: 

“TONIGHT @ THE PIT – Everyone Gets Laid”

From the WSA’s COEAC:

Fire pits and and WesBands return for Bandfire on April 22.

Now that the PCU reference has caught your attention:  The WSA’s Community Outreach and External Affairs Committee (COEAC) wants your band to play Bandfire on Foss Hill!  If your campus band wants to play at Bandfire please contact spop(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Note:  Contrary to the flyer image on the right, just email spop(at)wes to JaM At FoSs.