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Audition for “The Ash and the Elder”!

Lila Becker ’12, resident G-dawg, writes in to call out to people who wish to participate in the creation of existence. True story.

Come audition for The Ash and The Elder! The play is an adaptation of five creation myths: Norse, Babylonian, Dogon, Quiche Maya, and Melanesian. The show will likely go up sometime in April, date TBA.

Please come with a story to tell us in place of a monologue. Fictional stories are preferred (e.g. tall tale, fairy tale, etc.), but not required. We’ll also ask you to do a cold reading from the script. And if you’d like to show us a special talent (dance, musical instrument, etc.), we’d love that too!

Feel free to email lbecker(at)wesleyan(d0t)edu with any questions, or if you’d like to audition but cannot make those times. We’ll probably hold auditions at the beginning of next semester as well. Click here for the facebook event.

Date: Saturday, December 10th and Sunday, December 11th
Time: 1-2.30pm (Sat), 4-5.30pm (Sun)
Place: Fayerweather Theater Rehearsal Room

Ethan Kleinberg on Jacques Derrida

The “In Theory” lecture concludes with Ethan Kleinberg’s discussion of Derrida tomorrow (Wednesday). Be sure to get your Derrieres to Derridowney House at 4:15:

In the last installment of this semester’s “In Theory” lecture series, Professor Ethan Kleinberg (COL/History) will introduce the thought of deconstructive philosopher Jacques Derrida. After the lecture, there will be a reception in Downey Lounge.

For a Wikipedia-style Disambiguation of Derrida, click here (bottom left). For Michael Roth’s thoughts about the “In Theory” lecture series (and admirable mastery of the obvious puns involved), click here.

Date: Wednesday, December 7
Time: 4:15 – 5:15 PM
Place: Downey House 113

College of Letters Open Haus! Tomorrow

Attention Freshpeople! Do you want to be the paragon of literary sophistication and verve? Do you want to be given a structurally mandated reason to study abroad? Consider, then, the prospect of The College of Letters (COL). Imma take a step back and let mah homie Paul Schwaber (Director of COL) take over:

The COL is an interdisciplinary major in Western literature, philosophy, and history, with a required area of foreign language concentration, and a semester in residence abroad (usually in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia or Israel).

Deadline to apply for the major, which begins in sophomore year, is Monday, March 25. If you would like more info about the major, click here or go to the open house! Professor Schwaber (+ other folks) will wax poetic there and take questions.

Date: Monday, Dec 5.
Time: 4.15pm-5.00pm
Place: COL Library (Butt C Lounge/413)

“A Literary Extravaganza at the COL Lounge”

A. C. Wilkinson ’13, not to be confused with A. Wilkinson or Alix Wilkinson or, god forbid, Al Wilkinson, writes in about a veritable literary extravaganza happening this (Friday) afternoon in the COL Lounge: a public reading by the students of COL213, “The Suspense Story.” There Will Be Food (supposedly of the flat, disc-shaped variety), and there will be a spirited audience, because these COL(d) Warriors aren’t about to read eerie suspense fiction to a dreary, desolate room, devoid of humanity:

Come listen to your peers read their latest works of fiction! There will be spellbinding Hithcockian plots, incredible plot twists, and intense mood writing about anything you could possibly imagine: dog coffins, devilish song birds, fatal lotteries, reclusive astronomers in the Siberian wilderness, and much more. And there’s free pizza too!

If the poster’s any hint, it’s going to be a straight-up Snapetastical time, too.
Date: Friday, December 2
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: COL Lounge (in Butt C)
Pizza: Freeza

Adorno and America: a Symposium

Many of the major works of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory were written in the USA during the Second World War. Critical Theory’s dislocation from its European origins is significant not only historically but also philosophically: the exiled intellectuals were convinced that an effective theory of culture and society could be realized only in America, where capitalism had reached its most advanced state. The symposium will reflect on how the American experience of the Frankfurt School’s most prominent representative, Theodor Adorno, informed the evolution of Critical Theory. Against the cliché of Adorno as a detached high-culture mandarin, the symposium will offer a more intellectually and factually accurate investigation of the American dimension of his thought.

2:15: Coffee and Cookies
3:00: Welcome and introduction (Ulrich Plass)
3:15: Adorno’s American Reception (Joshua Rayman, Savannah College of Art and Design)
3:45: No Man’s Lands: Refuse and Refuge in Adorno’s American Experience (Matt Waggoner, Albertus Magnus College)
4:15 Questions
4:30 Coffee Break
4:45 Devices of Shock: Adorno’s Aesthetics of Film and Fritz Lang’s Fury (Ryan Drake, Fairfield University)
5:15 Adorno Unplugged: The Ambivalence of the Machine Age (David Jenemann, University of Vermont)
5:45 Questions and final discussion

A symposium hosted by the Center for the Humanities and the Theory Initiative. Co-Sponsored by College of Letters, German Studies, Sociology, College of Social Studies, Philosophy, History, American Studies, and the Dean of Arts and Humanities

Date: Dec. 4
Time: 2:15pm – 6:00pm
Location: Russell House (corner of Washington and High Street)

COL, CSS Info Sessions

Freshmen, come to a CSS vs. COL get-together if you’re considering either/both majors:

Interested in learning about two of Wesleyan’s most competitive majors: CSS and COL?
Are you undecided on whether to join the fictional world of reading and writing or world of politics as a vocation?

Then you are invited to the first CSS vs. COL get together at Butt C Friday 5pm.
There will be an informational talk held by Professor Irani from COL and Professor Kilby from CSS.

Follow by snacks, games, time to socialize with the professors and Trivia competitions among the two majors. Dont miss this opportunity to join the great minds of these two majors for which applications are due soon!!

Date: Friday, February 26
Time: 5 pm
Place: Butt C Lounge

And freshmen, come to a COL open house in the COL Library (Butt C, the door after Summerfields) if you’re considering the major, have questions about the major, or just want to drink some free coffee and eat some free cookies with COL majors:

The College of Letters cordially invites all of you who have any interest in majoring in COL to attend one of our Open House receptions, which will be held this year on Monday, March 2 and Wednesday, March 4. Both gatherings will start at 4:15 p.m. in the College of Letters Library (Butterfield C-413). A number of COL students and faculty will be there to answer questions, and we will have some descriptive literature for you.

The College of Letters is an interdisciplinary major in Literature, Philosophy, and History, with a required area of foreign language concentration, and a semester in residence abroad (usually in France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Russia, or Spain). The major begins, unlike most majors, in the fall of the sophomore year, which is why application for
it must be made in the spring of your first year.

This year, the deadline for applications is Monday, March 23, the first day after the Spring vacation – it is important to apply on time if you are seriously interested. If all available places are filled by timely applicants, late applicants will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

Date: Monday, March 2nd & Wednesday, March 4th
Time: 4:15 PM
Place: COL Library – Butterfield C-413

Matthew Weiner is Mad Men

Matthew Weiner ’87 (above), former writer/producer of “The Sopranos” and currently the creator, executive producer, and head writer of AMC’s excellent hit series “Mad Men”, is featured in today’s New York Times Magazine.

Among other things, the article observes Weiner’s somewhat neurotic control over every creative aspect of “Mad Men”, which goes a long way in making the show’s early 60’s world of New York advertising feel authentic.

Weiner (pronounced WHY-ner) is the creator and show-runner of “Mad Men,” which means the original idea was his: he wrote the pilot; he writes every episode of every show (along with four other people); he’s the executive producer who haggles for money (he says that his budget is $2.3 million per episode and that the average budget for a one-hour drama is $2.8 million); and he approves every actor, costume, hairstyle and prop…

“I do not feel any guilt about saying that the show comes from my mind and that I’m a control freak,” he told me. “I love to be surrounded by perfectionists, and part of the problem with perfectionism is that by nature, you’re always failing.”

Weiner was also a COL major, which seems to have worked out for him:

Weiner attended the Harvard School in Los Angeles, now Harvard-Westlake. Despite his difficulties there — A.P. History was his one success — he got into Wesleyan, from which he graduated in 1987. “My major was a program that combined philosophy, literature and history,” he recalled. “It had no grades, and I remember getting my first comments back and my father looking at my comments and saying: ‘Isn’t this interesting? I can read this comment and I can see that you got a C.’ ”

…After Wesleyan, Weiner got into U.S.C. film school with some direct lobbying of the dean by his father. “He was instrumental in making sure I got in, with my academic major that had no grades,” Weiner said.

NYTimes: “Mad Men” Has Its Moment

’11ers: Learn about the COL major

Care of Peter Hill ’08

Freshmen: Want to graduate with the most impressive bookshelf around?
Come to the College of Letters (COL) Open Houses to learn about the program and how to apply! Tea and cookies will be provided.

What: COL Open Houses
When: Monday and Tuesday at 4:15
Where: The COL Library (Butt C 413)

(COL application deadline is March 24 by 3pm)

Michael Roth’s Wife to Teach, Too!

At a time when many departments are struggling with understaffing issues, new president Michael Roth pledging to teach a course came as a godsend. But then, what’s this? His wife, Kari Weil, wants to teach, too?! Argus writer Andrew Luglio reports:

Weil has been chair of Critical Studies at the California College of the Arts since 2003. Critical Studies is a non-major program involving a variety of subject-specific and interdisciplinary courses. A professor since 1985, her teaching experience in a variety of fields has prepared her for the unique COL program.

“I’m very excited by COL,” Weil said. “Much of my work has been interdisciplinary and coming now from an interdisciplinary program, I know both the rewards and some of the difficulties in working in those areas.” Argus writer

Weil received her BA in French from Cornell University and her MA and PhD in comparative literature from Princeton University. Feminism and sexuality in French literature initiated her interest in women’s studies, a field in which she has published several articles and written one book, “Androgyny and the Denial of Difference.”

Weil’s more recent passion in animal studies stems from time she spent in France, where she became fascinated with horses, particularly their relationship to humans and the evolution of their role in society. She is currently working on a manuscript titled “La Plus Belle Conquête de l’Homme: Horses, Gender and the Conquest of Animal Nature in Nineteenth-Century France.”

How impossibly, yet endearingly nerdy could this family get?!

Sucks to be you…

Freshmen received an interesting email from Ethan Kleinberg, director of the Wesleyan College of Letters today. At 2:41pm, he writes:

“[…] I would like to remind you that the College of Letters applications are due today, Monday March 26 by 3 p.m. at COL office Butterfied C 411.”

Those of you who happened to check your email within the first ninteen minutes after 2:41, I hope you were able to both write and walk really, really fast.