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College of Letters Open House

Calling all Frosh! The College of Letters will hold open houses for potential majors on Monday March 5 and Wednesday, March 7 at 4:15pm in the COL Library in Butterfield C.

COL is an interdisciplinary major combining history, literature, and philosophy. Often referred to fondly as the College of Love, COL fosters an uncommonly collegian atmosphere among its students. The major also provides unparalleled opportunity to develop close working relationships with some of Wesleyan’s smartest (and most endearing) professors. And you don’t get grades! Curious? Stop by tomorrow or Tuesday and talk to COL majors and professors about the department.

The application for admission to the major is due the Monday after Spring Break.

The College of Letters

“What do you do with an English degree?” is an oft-heard jab on liberal arts colleges’ campuses, but we’re pretty sure that if COL were a more widespread major, English majors would be mocked significantly less often.

So what do you do with a COL degree? Ask Wesleyan’s sysadmin, who is (surprise!) a COL graduate and has deemed it “the least practical major ever conceived.” Excerpt here:

For instance, in job hunts, one doesn’t often see bullet points like the following:

  • Must have knowledge of Njal’s Saga and basic economic principles addressed in other Icelandic Sagas.
  • Working understanding of the difference of falling-towards-death and being thrown-to-death.
  • Ability to discuss the sexual aspects of Harold and the Purple Crayon when necessary.
  • Must have succesfully read Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War without clawing one’s eyes out because of the sheer tedium.

Full thoughts here.