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Dining Hours for the Cold


Made it back to campus? Want to eat stuff? Well, the only places on campus that are open are WesWings and Red & Black Cafe. Usdan marketplace opens tomorrow (regular hours) and Weshop is also open regular hours. You could also eat on Main Street, but why waste the opportunity of going to an overcrowded WesWings and seeing a ton of people at once? Hours:


Stay cozy, Wesleyan! Welcome back!

Photos: Spring Weather Trolls Wesleyan, Unleashes Minor Blizzard

Remember that time it was warm and sunny on Tuesday and you thought spring was here to stay and winter as you know it had finally given up for the season? That was cute.

Despite Spring Break officially beginning in a few short hours, Middletown got hit by another minor blizzard last night (in fact, it’s continuing right now) that exceeded 20 inches in some areas of Connecticut. From Middletown Patch:

Public and parochials schools are closed and colleges have cancelled morning classes and the city is under a parking ban. By midmorning Friday, Middletown had 8 inches of snowfall from this storm that meteorologists say will leave the area sometime after noon.

Slippery streets are making driving treacherous in spots, evidenced by a 10 a.m. minor fender-bender on Main Street, at Liberty Street, between a car and truck.

But “don’t expect the snow to stick around too long,” warns the Middletown Press.

Report: It’s Stupidly Cold at Wesleyan and Actually Getting Colder

Could this be a flashback to Winter 2011 at Wes?

Welcome back to Wesleyan, where Foss Hill is totally frozen and High Rise is scheduled to lose hot water pretty much any minute now. According to Weather.com, which is calling this the coldest air of the season, it’s 18 degrees Fahrenheit right now in Middletown and going down to 12 degrees later tonight (which will feel like 0 with the wind chill). On the bright side, it’s supposed to warm up to a tropic 25 on Friday.

If you’re arriving in Bradley tonight from a warm locale like Florida or Los Angeles, consider boarding another flight home. If you’re thinking of going outside, consider not doing that:

Update: 200 Church Evacuated

For anyone who hasn’t heard, 200 Church has been evacuated and the building is currently locked. Rumor has it that the building has gotten somewhat chilly. Rumor also has it that the building may stay chilly for several more days. According to ResLife, all residents were notified in person; however, other sources indicate that some residents were notified by word-of-mouth, or not at all. Residents, call PSafe (860 685 2345) with any questions.

Rumor also indicates that there is now a waiting list for dorm lounges for coldpersons to sleep in, but ResLife has assured me that this is quite false. Call ResLife by 11pm tonight to have them place you in a lounge. The normal ResLife number appears to be out of commission; call PSafe and ask them to transfer you to ResLife.

Stay warm everybody, and good luck tomorrow. May the Force be with you.


“This is like Nightmare Before Christmas in reverse.” —Oscar Wilde

Morning, Wellesleyan. There’s a blizzard happening. Middletown just declared a winter snow parking ban (probably the first time that’s happened in October). Pumpkin Fest is postponed. (Things that aren’t canceled tonight include Mustard Pimp at Eclectic, Eyes Without a Face at the Film Series and T.M. Krishna’s performance at the 35th annual Navaratri festival.) Weather.com is calling it “historic” and using the verb “hammering” and predicting 5-8 inches by tonight and posting cool graphs like this:

If by some miracle of Satan you’re still dressing up for Hallowee(ke)n(d), send photos of your Halloween costume to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org by noon on Tuesday. Please put “HALLOWESLEYING” in the subject line. Include a brief description, and let us know if you’d like to be anonymous. We’ll post a roundup of the top three or seven or thirteen or whatever. Thank, and happy frolicking.