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Why are you here again?

COLLEGE!!!If it’s to be “less likely to smoke, be obese or have low-birth-weight babies,” college is the place for you! Sorta.

In a report issued by the College Board, they find that:

those with a bachelor’s degree[…]are more likely to volunteer, vote, exercise and have health insurance and pensions. They are also less likely to smoke, be obese or have low-birth-weight babies. It did not assert that a college education, by itself, was responsible for all those differences.

“Correlation is not the same as causation,” warns–wouldn’t you know it–an Economics professor at American University.  While a lot of these similarities come from the demographics of college students, college experiences can help you adopt healthier behavior.

The report mentions things we already know and hope to be true, like the fact that college grads generally have higher salaries than those who only graduated from high school (by $21,900).  Also, unemployments rates are about half for those with college degrees.

For people like me who have a paper to start that’s due tomorrow though, there is another way:

And all is not lost if you don’t go to college. There are other routes to improving your earnings, for example, credentials that demonstrate mastery of an occupational skill like plumbing.

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