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Brown President Simmons to Step Down After Year

Breaking news from the college blogosphere: beloved Brown University president and all-around superstar Ruth Simmons will step down at the end of the academic year, with plans to “take up projects that have been on hold far too long.” Whoah—whether or not you got into Brown, this one will be missed.

Simmons is the first female president of Brown and the first African-American president of any Ivy League school. Since assuming office in 2001, Ruth, as she’s affectionately known at Brown, has

implemented need-blind admission standards, raised over $1.6 billion, opened a new med school building in the Jewelry District, and enjoyed the revival of Brown University’s positioning in the national eye. Ruth has enjoyed a cult-like support for her position, often holding astronomical approval ratings due to her open office hours, her willingness to interact with students on a personal basis, and her general charisma. [MORE LINKS AND A LIL BIT O’ WESLEYAN PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY AFTER THE JUMP]

Reed Threatened With ‘Crack House’ Law

Wes may have Spring Fling, but Oregon’s intensely rigorous (and famously rankings-shy) Reed College has Renn Fayre. Check it:

Renn Fayre is often called the metaphorical explosion of the student body after a year of intense pressure. Traditions and events include bizarre art installations, bug-eating contests, the alumni Meat Smoke, a naked Slip ‘n Slide, occasional motorized couches, fireworks, naked people painting themselves blue (a tribute to the ancient Picts), a beer garden, the Glo Opera (performed at night by actors covered in EL wire and glowsticks), lube wrestling, full-contact human chess, parachuters, castle-storming and bike-jousting by members of C.H.V.N.K. 666, a fire-dancing performance by the Weapons of Mass Distraction (the college’s own Fire Troupe), a softball tournament of academic department teams, a feast contributed to by student-donated leftover board points, a cooking contest, and a general sense of mayhem.

You get all that, Social Committee?

The school placards its borders during the notoriously drug- and alcohol-drenched festival, denying the general public entry. It’s probably no surprise, then, that the authorities—in this case, U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton—would crack down eventually. But a recent meting between Holton and Reed president Colin Diver prompted a different question entirely—can colleges be prosecuted as Crack Houses?—and left Diver reeling from the threat of jail time under a federal statute intended to harden penalties on crack house proprietors. Never before has the statute been used on a college campus.

Kinda makes you wonder at the implications of administrative drug-related cheek-turning, yeah?

Full story from Newsweek: Can Colleges be Prosecuted as Crack Houses?