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Colum McCann Descends Upon Russell House, Signs Books With a Bic

Colum iz flexxin

Colum McCann was introduced as “one of the greatest living writers in the English language” under a golden chandelier last night at Russell House by Professor Amy Bloom.

He had delivered a Q & A earlier that day and was now here to read from his new Irish-American novel Transatlantic. Behind the podium, perching one loafer atop the other, McCann spun tales of Frederick Douglass’s journey to Ireland during the potato famine, of two RAF pilots who traverse the Atlantic in a plane made of metal bones and harsh winds, and of an old Irish woman cherishing her memories as her cottage is being repossessed. People shut their eyes.

McCann grew up in the suburbs of Dublin, next to the shopping marts and all that. His father wrote for a paper and Colum followed in his footsteps, earning money writing about soccer games and events around Dublin. When he was 17, he moved to America and now calls himself a New Yorker by virtue of his place on the Upper East Side. He has three kids, one of whom is a “cyclist,” Colum added, jesting at the standard-issue pudge that has formed about his waistline. His smile is gruff. His laugh sincere, from the corners of his eyes.

A mob formed with their newly purchased copies of Let the Great World Spin at the ready—a mixture of students, prim adults, and professors. The Red Stripe logo on my shirt stood out uncomfortably.

The first woman in line wore a matching purple dress and Coach wristlet. I could feel the glowing of her eyes as she watched him produce his pen. I could feel the words gathering in her head to form her first sentence, her first impression. Then, disaster struck.

Author Colum McCann @ Russell House

The last time Colum McCann was scheduled to come to campus, his reading was Colum McCancelled. Thankfully, Maxwell Bevilawhatever ’12 reports that it’s been Colum McRescheduled:

Come to Russell House this Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 to see author, Colum McCann.

Colum McCann most recent book, Let The Great World Spin, was described by Esquire as the first major post-9/11 novel. The book received awards in the United States, Europe, and Asia, including the 2009 National Book Award in the United States, an award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the 2011 IMPAC/Dublin International Award. McCann’s other novels include ZoliDancer, and This Side of Brightness. His work has appeared in The New YorkerThe Paris Review, and other publications, and he writes often for newspapers and periodicals in the United States and Europe.

Date: Wednesday, April 3
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Place: Russell House
Cost: Free