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Photos: Common Moment, Dancers, Streakers

As usual, Common Moment, Feet to the Fire’s annual “collective expression about sustainability,” came to Andrus last night in a dizzying barrage of multicultural dance groups, percussive ensembles, and free t-shirts. This year, though, wide-eyed freshmen weren’t the only ones dancing across the field—there were also streakers, in the form of “four friends  who are probably a little too comfortable with each other who wanted to streak.” Here is a picture of four butts.

Prometheus, too, took to the stage with its trademark rings of fire. If you feel compelled to get in on the fire-spinning action, contact Matt Adelman ’13 [madelman@wes] or Jordan Gratch ’13 [jgratch@wes]. No previous experience necessary.

More Common Moment photos after the jump, courtesy of Rachel Pincus ’13. If you’re recovering from last night’s Bend It At Beckham, you may need them to jog your memory.


Common Moment (Feet to the Fire‘s climax) is that thing last night where a billion freshmen dance in circles on Foss with ropes and tinfoil and also get free t-shirts and learn about environmental issues courtesy of Barry Chernoff while the Asphalt Orchestra goes nuts (seriously, guys) and Prometheus does its thing. ART AND SCIENCE COMBINNNNNEEEEE.  (Since 1831.)

As Professor Chernoff succinctly put it: “C’mon guys. This isn’t Amherst.”