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President Roth Sends Yet Another ‘Campus Update,’ on Transparency, Title IX, Equity and Inclusion

8Over the past few weeks, students have been calling for the removal of President Roth and Dean Antonio Farias. This afternoon, Roth sent an all-campus email with subject line “Campus Update,” asking hard-hitting questions like, “What can we do? What will the administration do?” and seeming to once again expect students to provide him with answers. The email makes no mention of calls for his removal, but does identify three areas of concern: transparency, Title IX processes, and the results of the Equity task force created last spring in response to the IsThisWhy campaign. He calls for more student input on each topic, because the administration can “only do so much.”

Many survivors have been expressing their pain with strength and eloquence, and Roth apparently acknowledges that. His response, however, is yet another call for others to take on much of the work necessary, work that will somehow, inexplicably, lead to “real results.” Full text of the email can be found after the jump.

On-Campus Social Media Internship

Can’t keep your mouse-clicking fingers off of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr this weekend? Time to put those urges to good monetary use, courtesy of soon-to-be-graduating social media intern Lizzie Manning ’13:

Job Title: Social Media Intern
Employer: University Relations, Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement & Events
Address: Horgan House, 77 Pearl Street
Job Description:

The Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement & Events is seeking a Social Media Intern to communicate with alumni on numerous online platforms daily and to engage alumni with each other and with Wesleyan at every opportunity. The Intern will be responsible for posting all alumni news and events to the Wesconnect Facebook, @wesconnected Twitter, and Wesleyan Alumni Association LinkedIn Group; interacting with constituents who make content via these sites; searching the internet for useful content related to Wesleyan alumni; live-posting from important alumni events; and periodically launching special social media projects or initiatives (Storify streams, photo collections, Twitter groups, etc.). He/she will be the “voice” of the University for many alumni who get their Wesleyan content from social media as opposed to more traditional communication methods, and he/she will advise staff on the best ways to connect with alumni online. 

Healthy Relationships Workshop

Maggie Cohen ’12 writes in:

Missed the first workshop a couple of weeks ago? Here’s a second opportunity to learn and discuss with other active individuals on communication and healthy relationships. Join us for a lively discussion about building and maintaining healthy relationships. Through self-reflection, movement and skills-building, clarify your needs in relationships and learn how to set boundaries and manage conflict.

Date: Wednesday, May 2
Time: 7 pm – 9 pm
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: Free

Consciousness Club’s Very Last First Meeting of the Semester

In between co-teaching a student forum and driving wildly from New Jersey to Utah, Shivan Bhavnani ’13, MD is proud to present the Triumphant Return of the Consciousness Club at 10:10 pm (when else?):

At some time in the evening, we will probably be addressing the questions: What role does human-to-human communication plays in the task of consciously changing one’s perception of reality? How much of you is someone else?  Social interaction to explore the point of social interaction. There will be tea, fresh fruit, and other vegetation served.
Date: tonight, February 1
Time: 10:10 PM
Place: 215B Pine
Cost: you may be asked to orally consume “other vegetation”

Interfaith Roundtable

Comin’ in from Carmen Yip ’12:

Don’t turn away just at the sight of the word “interfaith” or “religion”? Instead, you should feel really pumped up for a good conversation and join us in Woodhead Lounge in Exley this Thursday 10/20 at 6:30pm.

This dinner is targeting at all religious student groups at Wes, but everyone is welcome.  We want student leaders to know one another, and to share their year plans/calendars and look for co-programming ideas.

Seriously, don’t miss out!

&& Bring a dish, it’s a potluck after all.

Date: Oct. 20 – Oct. 20
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: $0

Real Talk: Continued, March 24th

Let’s make this campus like Mac & Cheese and mix it uppppp. Srsly tho, Somebody Mad Awesome ‘?? wrote in to say:

Remember Real Talk, the conversation at the end of last semester about acknowledging the divisions within the active community on campus? Over 60 people showed up to talk through some of the barriers that exist between our communities along various lines. Now its time to follow-up. Lets keep the energy from last semester going, but this time with an emphasis on action.

This Thursday there will be a follow-up to Real Talk where we’ll use small group discussions to brainstorm some of the root causes and invision tangible next steps.  Bring your ideas and bring you friends. Snacks will be provided.

Date:   March 24
Time:   4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Place:  Albritton 311