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Taking the Place of Stalin: The Story of Late Communism

paulina brenWanna learn about communism?

In 1955, an enormous statue of Stalin was unveiled in Prague; in 1956, following Khrushchev’s “secret speech,” Stalin went from hero to villain; in 1961, Prague’s Stalin was obliterated with 1,600 pounds of explosives. Paulina Bren ’87 will discuss what came next: the story of the vast plinth that thereafter remained empty, and the uncharted territory of the 1970s and 1980s in the Eastern Bloc, a period of history known as late communism.

Bren is the author of the award-winning book, The Greengrocer and His
TV: The Culture of Communism after the Prague Spring, and a Wesleyan (Class of 1987) and College of Letters alumna.

Date: Wednesday, February 24
Time: 4:15-5:15 PM
Place: PAC 001

“Something for you to do!”: WEServe Week of Service Starts Today

Ayo, Tony Yayofia Warren ’13 wants you to lend a helping  hand/foot/intellect:

WEServe Week of Service is a celebration of all the service work done every day by Wesleyan students and alum. Join with others in your area for a service project, anytime between January 20th and January 26th! There are a wide variety of events already registered, so get together with some friends (Wesleyan-related or not) and get out into the community!
For more information, check out the homepage.
January 20th-January 26th, everywhere, no cost!
Dates: January 20th-January 26th, everywhere, no cost!
Times: Various
Place: January 20th-January 26th, everywhere, no cost!
Cost: January 20th-January 26th, everywhere, no cost!

Fake Plastic Tree-Huggers

Activists at the “Occupy Wall Street” protest were left high and dry today at 4:00 PM when famed British alt-rockers Radiohead were rumored to play. The official website for the movement, OccupyWallStreet.org, updated its blog this afternoon announcing an impromptu show at the protest, presumably to show allegiance to the ongoing anti-establishment efforts in downtown NYC. Protestors were let down when the only music murmuring throughout the massive crowd was a sole, half-naked dude banging on a garbage can drumset. It has yet to be confirmed whether or not this man was, in fact, Thom Yorke.

My unrelenting cynicism typically keeps me far from such a locale, but I was optimistic enough to schlep down from my Upper West Side synagogue where I was innocently attending Rosh Hashanah services. When I arrived at the small park two blocks north of Wall Street, I found an astonishingly large amount of middle-aged hippies and liberal arts students flirting and smoking enough hand-rolled cigarettes to burn the whole Meryll Lynch tower down. For more coverage of the protest, click past the jump.