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Move Your Money (feat. BoA March at 3 PM!)

Anders Dohlman ’14 wants you to Anders your Dohlman right now:

Feel guilty about using Bank of America? Wells Fargo? Chase?

Not one more cent! Join millions of Americans who have chosen to move their money into smaller banks and credit unions.

Starting Thursday [Yeah, yesterday – my b. -Ed.] in Usdan, local credit unions Nutmeg State and Seasons will be in Usdan to help you do just that.

Unlike monolith banks, credit unions are managed by their own members instead of executives. They invest their money locally, not in mountaintop removal, robosigned foreclosures, and massive bonuses.

They even refund ATM fees each month, so you don’t have to worry about being charged by the Bank of America ATM in Usdan.

Nutmeg state is also offering a $100 raffle to those who open accounts. Seasons will automatically deposit $5 into your account. Those are deals Bank of America can’t beat!

More deets and discourse about joining a credit union (and times that they’ll be up here!) on facebook.

Double Documentary Wednesday: Inside Job

Want to watch a documentary this Wednesday? Wesleying’s got your back! Want to watch two documentaries at overlapping times this Wednesday? The Community Banking Working Group‘s got half your back:

As part of the ongoing campaign on campus for responsible, community banking, there will be a screening of the documentary film “Inside Job” on Wednesday at 6:30 PM in Usdan 110. We all know that the catastrophic (and ongoing) financial meltdown of 2008 left us fucked, but do we understand exactly how? This film lays it out, in easy, accessible terms, and explains how the big banks were deliberately complicit in bringing about this society-shattering crisis.
This is part of an effort for students on campus to MOVE OUR MONEY from the malicious and thieving institutions that sealed the fate of the American masses with their irresponsible practices (Bank of America, et al.) to member-controlled, not for profit, local credit unions. Credit unions will be on campus ready to help students transfer their accounts starting April 26.
Keep your eyes out for further developments in this exciting campaign to take responsibility for the way this campus stores and invests its money!

Date & Time: This Wednesd’y, 6:30 eveningwise
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: At last count, $16 trillion
Firstbuck: Here it am