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WeScam: Back in Action

No Regrets, Since 2008.

Not sure how the Comp Sci department can help you get laid during Senior Week?

WeScam, everyone’s favorite website for “meeting other students over senior week,” is back in action. The coding and general rules are the same as last year—in short, underclassmen can only add seniors, seniors can add anyone. The logic, in short: you’re graduating, so who cares? You need to sign up on WeScam to add other students; you don’t need to be signed up to get an email notification when someone adds you.

More details from the FAQ:

WesCam lets seniors find other students on campus and other students find seniors. Add usernames of people you want to meet up with (they don’t need to already have a WesCam account) and if you both add each other, you’ll be simultaneously notified!

One other thing: If someone adds you and you haven’t added them, you both have the opportunity to anonymously message the other person to find out more about each other. We’ll also give the other person a fake username so that you can identify them easily in your conversations. So you can ask them whether you’re both in the same class or how they know you. Then you can try to add them to see if you’ve guessed correctly!

Here’s the link. Scroll on for graphical representation courtesy of A-Batte and Neo Sora ’13.