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Vote For Your Favorite Hackathon App

Last night I profiled the first ever Senior Week Hackathon. Today, after presumably “catching up” on some “shut-eye,” Julian Applebaum ’13 writes in to remind you about voting:

The community vote for the Senior Week Hackathon is open. The three apps people built are:

The link to vote is here. It’s also on weshack.com, the Hackathon’s official website. It’s only available to people with a Wesleyan email address.

So yeah. Here’s the link again. Read about the Hackathon here.

Group of Huge Nerds Holds Slumber Party in Exley 137: Meet the Senior Week Hackathon

Breaking: Wes has Computer Science majors, and sometimes they stay up all night, making friends for life.


The tables and floor of Exley 137 are piled high with gluttonous food remnants—pretzel bags, sandwich displays, Dunkin Donuts bags, half-eaten pizza, chips and salsa, dozens of condiments and wrappers and sauces—but the eleven occupants of the room are far too busy staring at computer screens, coding feverishly behind glazed eyes, to take much notice. Tensions are high. Every once in a while someone grunts or high fives or messes something up and swears at a teammate. Evan Carmi ’13 is pacing furiously, staring at scripts and barking orders at his teammates, who remain surprisingly calm. I take a look at the screen, but it may as well be in Korean. (I don’t speak Korean.)

Meet the participants of the first ever Senior Week Hackathon, a heated, unimaginably sexy 36-hour coding competition organized by Carmi, Julian Applebaum ’13, and Anastasios Germanidis ’13. The participants, most of them Comp Sci majors, have been awake for the better part of 36 hours, camped out in this single, sweat-stained classroom on the main floor of Exley, and in a little less than an hour they will emerge into the world with the shiny, digital results of their tech-savvy soil. Basically, it is a slumber party for nerds. Naturally, they have been tweeting up a storm every step of the way (and enjoying free “swag” from their various sponsors). 

Senior Week Hackathon: What Would You Build in Exactly 36 Hours?


Evan Carmi ’13 and Julian Applebaum ’13 want to let you know about the Senior Week Hackathon:

What would you build if you only had 36 hours?

Better course registration? No problem. Tracking down alums? Done. Reliving your campus years with music? Get your smartphone out. On Saturday, May 18th, 3 teams of Wesleyan students will go head-to-head to build the best Wes-themed web app. Apps will be judged by a team of all-star Wesleyan Computer Science alumni and a community vote on campus. The better the app scores, the more awesome the prize. Are you game? 

Check out the website for more information. Five different companies are sponsoring the event with prizes. If you’re interested in joining last minute send an email to ecarmi@wes or japplebaum@wes.

Music Of Places: An Anastasis Germanidis ’13 Production

“Sometimes I feel like interfaces are better than stories. Sometimes the opposite.”

Anastasis “Anne Solo” Germanidis ’13, resident Comp Sci genius, MicroKorg soloist, Wesleyan Transhumanist, and part-time llama whisperer (above), sends in a new creation of coding ingenuity. It’s called Music Of Places and, frankly, it’s everything it says it is: an interactive interface that allows the user to type in a location of hir choice and immediately hear music by an artist native to that location. (The main artist that pops up when you type in Middletown is Edensong, which, according to Wiki, was formed at Wesleyan in 2002. No sign of MGMT, Das Racist, or the other usual suspects, maybe because they’re more often listed as being based in Brooklyn. MGMT eventually popped up when I typed in New York, though.)

Hack and Tell (That) <-- ooo hairsprayy

We’ve just received word about this thing that’s happening tomorrow that’s set up by the Comp Sci department that has to do something or another about this thing that’s called computers and the science that goes into it and shit like that.

In case you can’t see the picture, go get your glasses. Or, just know that it’s an event where Comp Sci Major talk about their side projects. The panel includes:

Anastasios “Ghostface Killah” Germanidis ’13

Julian “Ju-Ju” Applebaum ’13

Micah “Girls Gone” Wylde ’12

& Jeff Rubergy ’12

Date:   Oct. 10
Time:   12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Place:  Exlayyy 109

PS: It’s got food and stuff.

Blue Sky Studios Donating Animation Computers To Wesleyan

Last week, Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell announced that the fine people at Blue Sky Studios are donating animation equipment to University of Connecticut and Wesleyan.  The high-speed animation computers are racks with 104 CPUs each. Each rack is valued at about $35,000 and Wesleyan is getting 4(!) of them (UConn is getting 2 4 racks total). From the articles I’ve seen, the computers will be going to the Computer Science department (on a personal note… awesome!!! ).

Blue Sky (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fox Filmed Entertainment) has produced Ice Age, Robots, Ice Age, Horton Hears a Who, and Ice Age (in theaters now). The company recently relocated from New York to Greenwich and is apparently doing the whole company-giving-back-to-the-not-so-local-community thing (good for them… and us!).

Seeing how there are no Computer Science graphics or animation courses currently scheduled, we’ll have to wait to see how the computers will be used for courses – I imagine they will want to put the computers to use as soon as possible. We’ll also see if they are used in the film department’s animation course.

If I hear anything from the Comp Sci (or Film?) department, an update will come. For now though, here is some optional reading (isn’t the summer such an exciting time of year?):
UConn’s President’s Blog

[Thanks to Google News and the sidebar for the tip]

[Edit: Comment #6 points out that UConn’s drama and CS are getting 2 EACH. So 4 total. Fixed.]