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Compost Bucket Distribution ROUND #2

From the minimal carbon footprint of Rina Kremer ’15:

Hi Folks,Y’all wanted more buckets, and — thanks to The Pickle Stand — we now have those buckets! Come visit us in Exley Lobby again on Thursday night from 6:30-8PM, or until we run out again. Happy composting!

Date: Today!
Time: 6:30-8:00
Place: Exley Lobby

Residential Composting Bucket Distribution Day II at Olin Library – Rescheduled to 8:30 to 10:30 Tonight!


Don’t let our children end up like Howard (the one on the left)

Are you into planet Earth? The human race? The survival of the aforementioned planet Earth/human race? Then you may be interested in this unassailably environmental heads-up, which comes from DeNeile Cooper ’15:

Couldn’t grab that five-star blue composting bucket that food waste critics are raging about before you went out for thirsty Thursday? Stop by the Olin entrance lobby or Weshop entrance this Sunday evening between 7 and 9 pm and set your environmentally sustainable conscience at ease with a free composting bucket provided by the Wes Composting Committee and Wesleyan Sustainability. Buckets are generally distributed to student apartments, program or senior houses, but exceptions can be made if you really sell your composting enthusiasm. Contact Zach Burns ’14 (zburns(at)wesleyan(dot)edu) or DeNeile (djcooper(at)wesleyan(dot)edu) with questions.

Date: Today, Thursday, September 12
Time: 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Place: Olin Library entrance lobby and Weshop entrance

Residential Composting Bucket Distribution


From DeNeile Cooper ’15:

Does your new apartment have awkward empty space in the kitchen? Is your enthusiastic chef of a housemate filling your trashcan with food waste on the daily? Solve all these minor problems AND save the environment with a free composting bucket provided by the Composting Committee and Wesleyan Sustainability. If you live in a program house, apartment, or senior housing, come grab a composting container in the Olin entrance lobby or Weshop entrance this Thursday and Sunday evening and start cutting down on your personal waste footprint. Email DeNeile (djcooper[at]wes[dot]edu) or Zach (zburns[at]wes[dot]edu) with questions.

Date: Today
Time: 8-10 pm
Place: Olin lobby and Weshop entrance
Cost: FREE

EcoMusic Competition

From Sewon Kang ’14:

Calling all environmentally conscious & musically gifted friends!

Submit to an EcoMusic competition hosted by COE, Music, and CFA that centers around environmental issues/themes seen in the exhibition FOOD-WATER-LIFE, currently in the Zilkha Gallery. We are looking for proposals for creative and passionate music that addresses these issues so please consider submitting! You could win $200!!! YAY! Proposals due 3/1/13.

See below for guidelines.

Campus Sustainability Day

Haley Greenberg ’14 and Emma Pattiz ’13 have plans.

This year, Wesleyan took a big step forward by registering with AASHE, the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, as a follow up to President Roth signing the Presidents’ Climate Commitment last year. We’ve also made an important commitment to better our community by joining STARS, the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System, to rate how sustainable our institution is and find ways to make it better.

Join your fellow sustainability advocates in a day of awareness and appreciation for everything we’re doing beyond these BIG steps, from Long Lane Farm, to WILDWes, WesFRESH, Campus Composting, Urban Gardening, Green Fund, CRI, and so much more! Come enjoy an explosion of good eats and treats at the Farmers’ Market and join the conversation in Usdan110 where we’ll be screening a keynote address from the organizers of Campus Sustainability Day beyond Wesleyan. Volunteer at the Farm, WILDwes courtyard, or Middletown urban gardens! Watch demos by student groups and visiting environmentalists! Also, bring your bike to pedal for power for a smoothie while listening to live music performances all afternoon!

When: Wednesday, October 24.
Where:Usdan Courtyard

Pick Up a Compost Bucket

Oooh baby... chocolate is the symbol of love

For all the people in the Shoutbox who were asking, here’s how to never waste a piece of organic food material again. Writes Zach Burns ’14:

Ever feel guilty tossing a banana peel into the trash? Pick up a compost bucket on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday night from 7:00-10:00pm in Olin or Wes Shop. Every apple core and egg shell that you toss into your blue bucket is ultimately used as fertilizer at Long Lane Farm. You don’t pee in the sink, so don’t throw compost in the garbage! Buckets are waiting for you!

Date: September 16th, 17th, and 18th
Time: 7-10 pm
Place: Olin or WeShop
Cost: Free!

Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Keeping Green

cuz we lik dat green stuff

Wesleyan has a long history when it comes to sustainability and environmental conservation. However, it’s often unclear how to actually keep green at Wes, especially since many things have changed in recent years and are continuing to change.

This is the first year that Wesleyan has a sustainability coordinator, whose role is to help further Wesleyan’s mission of sustainability, including making things clearer to you. Her name is Jen Kleindienst and you can shoot her an email at jkleindienst(at)wes. For questions regarding sustainability, you should also peruse Wesleyan’s sustainability website.

Every fall at the beginning of the year, the sustainability interns put on the Waste Not! second-hand sale. At the end of the spring, they collect copious amounts of unwanted thingermabobs—from couches to sweaters to kitchenware to lots of random decorations—and store them so that you can buy them for ridiculously low prices your first weekend on campus. This year, the sale will be on Sept. 1 and 2—there will be two locations, one on Fountain Ave and one in Exley. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to a local charity while the rest go to support on-campus sustainability initiatives and the continuity of the program in future years.

Compostin’ Survey: What’s that smell??

Have you heard of Ben “British Petroleum” Purinton ’13? Because he’s heard of you. Uh. Anyways. He comes bearing gifts, and news from the front lines of institutionalized composting:

Pretty please take this little, itty bitty, 6 question (multiple choice!) SURVEY. It will help us on the Composting Committee better serve you in the future, and maybe even get us some fancy new buckets. Answers are anonymous, so don’t hold back!

Let the record state that in this event submission, by the way, the start date is listed as “errday,” and the end date is listed as “when we’ve stopped climate change.” So you’ve got a little time.

Also, relevant: anyone know where our composting bucket is? Did we leave it out back somewhere? Let me know if you see it!

Get a Composting Bucket

We will be distributing composting buckets in the lobby of Olin Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights from 9 pm-midnight, as well as outside of Weshop from 11 pm-midnight. This will, very likely, be the last time we will be handing out buckets, so please make sure to stop by during one of these times. As always, feel free to email wesleyancompost(at)gmail(dot)com with any questions.

Ready, Set, Compost!

Black Stars: Working Composting Machines; Red Stars: Broken or Planned Expansions (Will be working soon!)

Black Stars: Working Composting Machines.  Red Stars: Broken or Planned Expansions (Will be working soon!). Click to enlarge the image.

From Corey “Compost Guy” Guilmette ’13:

As the sun returns for the Spring and the air begins to warm, that also means that composting is back! You can start composting now!

In under a month of operation last semester, thanks to the help of around 800 participants, we were able to compost almost 300 gallons of food waste! If you forgot how our system works or want to see a map of compost machine locations, check out the composting website.

Unfortunately, do to heavy ice and snow, we had two composting machines break this winter. Please don’t try to use (because it won’t work) the composting machine between Fountain Ave and Pine St. and the machine next to Hewitt. Fortunately, we have replacements coming soon, along with a new machine that will be next to the Bayit!

If you have any questions or want to start composting, please email wesleyancompost(at)gmail(dot)com.