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Composting: Back for the Spring!

From Corey Guilmette ’13:

As the sun returns for the Spring and the air begins to warm, that also means that composting is back! You can start composting now!

In under a month of operation last semester, thanks to the help of around 800 participants, we were able to compost almost 300 gallons of food waste! If you forgot how our system works or want to see a map of compost machine locations, check out the composting website.

Unfortunately, do to heavy ice and snow, we had two composting machines break this winter. Please don’t try to use (because it won’t work) the composting machine between Fountain Ave and Pine St. and the machine next to Hewitt. Fortunately, we have replacements coming soon, along with a new machine that will be next to the Bayit!

If you have any questions or want to start composting, please email wesleyancompost(at)gmail(dot)com.

Get a Compost Bucket in Exley or Olin!

Corey “the composting guy” Guilmette ’13 wants you to…COMPOST! Here’s how:

Did you know that for every pound of food waste you compost, six pounds of CO2 emissions are prevented? There are still plenty more composting buckets to go around! If you have a kitchen you can compost at one of nine conveniently located composting machines. Come stop by Exley or Olin and get a composting bucket and magnet and ask any questions you might have!

  • Date: Tuesday, Nov. 16, – Thursday, Nov. 18
  • Time: 9:00 PM – 12:00 midnight
  • Place: Lobbies of Exley and Olin

In case you’re wondering, composting has a cool website here, and a cool article about by some really awesome writer here.  Composting is cool.

Composting! It’s here!

Yes, it’s the moment y’all have all been waiting for during your tenure at Wes: a student group has sprouted up on campus to take care of all your composting needs (beyond your own individual separation of organic material, of course). So, I’m sure you’re wondering: When can I start composting? How do I get a bucket? What can I compost? Naturally, these questions would pile up in any student’s mind, much like the way we are going to eventually compile all of your organic waste and turn it into nutrient-rich fertilizer to give back to Wesleyan’s campus. First thing’s first:

Can I compost?

If you live in a residence with a kitchen (woodframe, senior fauver, hi/lo-rise, program house, or other apartment), you can compost. It’s just as easy as taking out the trash!

How do I compost?

The only thing you need is a 5-gallon bucket to collect food waste and some basic info about what can be composted. The best part is we can give all of this to you for free! Once you have everything, you simply need to take the food waste out and put it into a nearby composting container when your bucket fills up! The container (with a little help from the composting committee) will do all of the work for you!

Composting Committee Inaugural Meeting

From someone really awesome but anonymous:

Did you know Wesleyan doesn’t compost? Want to make sure that we begin to compost? Want to drive an electric vehicle around campus? Do you love food waste? Help us establish an integrative composting system on campus. Its going to happen, but we need your help!

  • Date: Tomorrow, Sept. 23
  • Time: 7:45 PM – 8:30 PM
  • Place: Woodhead Lounge in Exley (its right past SciLi)


Who left a garbage can topped with feces outside the E-block of Low Rise last night? Why? …Why?

(Don’t click to enlarge if you’re squeamish.)


Compost bucket time

Got one of those big white compost buckets?

Please bring it back!

Bring buckets (with lids if you have them) to one of the following places:

  1. The shed behind Turath house
  2. The Fauver trash enclosure
  3. Usdan at lunch on TUESDAY 5/13

Thanks, and happy composting!

Edit by Mad: also, e-mail compost@wesleyan.edu with any questions!

Compostable plastics at Usdan

I used to be upset about Bon Appétit’s frequent use of disposable plastic cups and containers, especially at Late Night. But, about a month ago, I looked at the bottom of my cup, and was surprised to find that it is compost-able!

Apparently there are “bioplastics” made mostly from corn starch and cellulose, that fully degrade into water, carbon dioxide and organic material when composted. Pretty cool.

So, while Bon Appétit’s plastic cups and containers are not recyclable through Middletown’s collection program, they are compost-able… so stick them in the compost buckets on your way out!

UPDATE: Oops! Apparently the plastics are compost-able, but not compost-able enough. Helpful comment, from Elisa:

We tested sticking them in the earth tub composters and boiling them and neither really did anything. We’d need a super, industrial shredder and a super, industrial compost facility to compost them! Sorry to bust the myth, but there it is. At least Bon Appetit is trying.

In other words, don’t stick the containers in the composting bins!

Secrets of the Student Handbook: Secret #164

Quick Guide to Composting:

It is best to start the bin with a layer of “browns” that include dried leaves, shredded newspaper, or dried grass clippings. Put food waste (“greens”—with the exception of meat, dairy, and oil) in bin. If the compost is too wet or smells, add a layer of browns on top. You will get the best results from your compost if you aerate it once in a while with a stick or broom handle (just stick it down in the compost and make a hole in different places) and turn (stir) the compost occasionally as well. Other than that, let Mother Earth, heat, decomposition, chemical reactions, and, of course, worms, do the rest!

A friendly reminder from your Student Handbook.