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Digital Wes Applications due today

indexFrom Ani Acopian ’16:

Digital Wesleyan is a 7 week workshop that helps you learn programming fundamentals, explore product design, and build your own stuff with the language Python. Participants can apply for exclusive paid summer internships with Wesleyan-affiliated startups. Also, it’s free, includes lunch, and requires zero prior experience. CS and non-CS majors can apply.

Workshops are on Saturdays, from 10am-2pm, January 23rd through March 5th.

Apps due by December 13 (today!!) at midnight. Apply here.

Date: Today, December 13
Time: Midnight!
How: http://digitalwesleyan.com/apply/

Math and Computer Science Open House

It’s that’s beautiful time of fall in which sophomores, running low on points, are offered free lunch at department open houses. The Mathematics and Computer Science department has one such opportunity:

Interested in becoming a math or computer science major? Then join us
for our open house! Meet professors, grad students and other math
majors! Lunch provided!

Date: October 17th
Time: 12-1pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: Nada


Interview with Jake Levine ’08: Creator of BreakupText


I interviewed Jake Levine ’08, a successful Wes alum in the tech industry this past July, when he had just launched the iTunes app, BreakupText. Since then, he’s launched the app’s sequel, MakeupText and continues to be a maverick in the digital media world. I was originally intrigued because Levine created an app that allowed people to break up with their significant others in under five seconds, but I quickly figured out that he was an inspiring entrepreneur with an already successful career. He’s the general manager of digg.com, owner of well-groomed social media accounts, and great promoter of Wesleyan in the tech industry.

While our conversation at the time focused on his (now month-old) app, Levine had some great advice for people interested in creating their own start ups and in becoming involved in the tech industry (hint: if you’re a Wes student, you are guaranteed to find a Wes alum currently working in the industry). If you’re one of these people, get on this e-mail list for Digital Wesleyan (it’s already 600+ people strong) so you can stay informed about meet-ups with Wesleyan alums in tech (Levine organizes these).

Click past the jump for an insightful interview with someone Forbes has deemed one of the top 30 under 30 people in digital media today:

From Apps to Africa: Wes Students Use Technology to do Big Things

kwakuAnyone who goes here knows that Wesleyan has no shortage of exceptional students. Just recently, Wesleying caught up with one who is making serious waves in the tech community. Read on to learn about HushCal and JóòMah, two revolutionary ideas with potential to change the world.

I met up with Kwaku Akoi ’14 at 9am on Wednesday morning in Pi Cafe, an hour before his Classic French Comics class.  Originally from Ghana, Akoi actually spent most of his high school career at the Westminster School in Simsbury, Connecticut, which is only 45 minutes north of Middletown. Here at Wesleyan, he is majoring in Economics and French, so when people learn about his true passion, it always comes as a bit of a surprise.

“I love Software Design. And I do a little bit of Programming.”

Akoi is tall, thin, and well spoken. As we talked, a few people approached him, gave him nods or high fives, and then continued on towards their coffee and bagels.


 Last February, Akoi started a company, called RevioSync, which consists of Wesleyan      students and a business partner at Microsoft Corporation. When I asked Akoi who this  partner or what he did, he told me that he couldn’t disclose that information.

“Alright,” I said. “Can I just call him Morpheus?”

New Course: COMP 360, COMP260/QAC260 – Applications due May 31


The famous Manolis Kaparakis sends me information about a crazy new course going up this fall under the designation of COMP 360, COMP260/QAC260 and called “Special Topics in Computer Science (“Big Data” Analysis),” taught by Professor Norman Danner.

Next semester (Fall 2013), Computer Science will be offering a special course on data analysis (COMP 260), in which students from non-computing disciplines will team up with Computer Science students (COMP360) to work on a research problem that requires significant data analysis.

CompSci Hack & Tell

From Julian Applebaum ’13:

The CS Department’s Hack & Tell is at 12:00 this Friday in Exley 121. Come have some pizza and hear about the exciting projects and research your Comp Sci peers are involved in outside of the classroom! This year’s presenters are:

  • Evan Carmi ’13
  • Julian Applebaum ’13
  • Anastasis Germanidis ’13
  • Erik Islo ’15
  • Sam Roth ’13

Some of the topics you’ll learn about include web app development and deployment, digital steganography, and bioinformatics. Email Julian Applebaum ’13 (japplebaum@wes) if you have any questions.

Date: Friday, April 13
Time: Noon
Place: Exley 121
Free pizza: Yes!

Music Of Places: An Anastasis Germanidis ’13 Production

“Sometimes I feel like interfaces are better than stories. Sometimes the opposite.”

Anastasis “Anne Solo” Germanidis ’13, resident Comp Sci genius, MicroKorg soloist, Wesleyan Transhumanist, and part-time llama whisperer (above), sends in a new creation of coding ingenuity. It’s called Music Of Places and, frankly, it’s everything it says it is: an interactive interface that allows the user to type in a location of hir choice and immediately hear music by an artist native to that location. (The main artist that pops up when you type in Middletown is Edensong, which, according to Wiki, was formed at Wesleyan in 2002. No sign of MGMT, Das Racist, or the other usual suspects, maybe because they’re more often listed as being based in Brooklyn. MGMT eventually popped up when I typed in New York, though.)

BetaBeat, Roth on Wes-Presence in Silicon Alley

So…we’re a little late on this piece of news (even President Roth beat us to it! what the hel…lloooo), but technology/digital culture news site BetaBeat ran an article a few days ago on Wesleyan’s presence in the tech world. The piece’s jump-off point was a recent event called “Digital Wes,” an alumni gathering in New York City for former Wes-folks involved the industry, in which President Roth also made an appearance.

It’s a really interesting read, with its many little tid-bits on the lives of an ensemble cast of Wes grads, which in and of itself is rather delightful to take a peek at. Furthermore, there’s a fascinating little line that goes:

The crowd settled to a dull murmur as Wesleyan president Michael Roth ’78 stood in the center of the room. A former professor known for his jazz piano skills and formidably tight jeans, he was making his first foray to the tech event.

(Ben Popper ’04, who wrote the article, clearly keeps up with contemporary Wes culture.) What’s even more interesting is that the entire article was reproduced in its entirety over at the president’s blog page, which means that the president is clearly aware of the fame that surrounds his formidable fashion forays. (Either that, or he didn’t read the article. But really, what’s more plausible?) If anybody at the Argus is reading this, you should totally run a Fall Fashion Feature with the Prez firmly on center-page.

Coming back to the point of this post, I would think that the BetaBeat article must have triggered some reaction among our relatively bacterium-sized CompSci department. I contacted somewhat-renowned CompSci major Micah “Girls Gone” Wylde ’12 earlier this week for a statement, but unfortunately, the busy man blew me off.

So if any of you Comp Sci kids have anything to chip in on this, go right ahead in da Comments. Or not, it’s up to you. Anyway, click here for the article, in case you missed the link above.

Math and Comp Sci Open House

Interested in becoming a Mathematics or Computer Science major? Then join us for our Open House!

It’ll  be on Tuesday, October 18th at noonin the Math Lounge (room 601 Exley).

Lunch will be provided.

Date: Oct. 18
Time: Noon – 1:00 PMPlace:  ESC 601
Cost: Just bring your intelligence!

Princeton Student from Middletown Commits Suicide

The Daily Princetonian reports that 27-year-old Middletown native Bill Zeller, a Princeton grad student, passed away on Wednesday after attempting suicide on Sunday.  The 4,000 word suicide note he left cited repeated sexual abuse as a child that he could never forget, and states that he thought about suicide for at least a year.  Graduating from Middletown High School and then Trinity College, he was considered programmer of notable talent.

In contrast to the troubled person portrayed in the note, those closest to him remembered Zeller as a brilliant programmer, talented chef, devoted Boston Red Sox fan and someone who put his friends first. […]

Zeller completed several high-profile projects. He and Felten published research exposing serious security vulnerabilities of websites such as The New York Times, YouTube and ING Direct. Zeller also co-authored an influential paper arguing for increased government transparency online.

When asked to discuss Zeller’s work, however, colleagues focused on the dozens of smaller projects that he completed in the past few years, which ranged from the practical — such as Graph Your Inbox, a tool to analyze and visualize Gmail activity over time — to IsItChristmas.com, which reads “no” 364 days of the year.

You can read his final letter after the bump.  He goes out of his way at the end to urge people to repost the letter in its entirety so that people can draw their own conclusions and so that he isn’t censored by his family.

He is being remembered at the site 1000Memories.

As Joel Johnson from Gizmodo noted in their coverage, “You can talk to people.  You really can.”